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We are so inspired by Viviana’s work. Scroll down to read about Viviana’s journey and her tips for making brides look more high fashion and editorial.

Born and raised in Mexican territory on June 26 1988. I’ve always liked all about media and after finishing my career in communication sciences my passion for photography led me to study at one of the best places ever imagined “hallmark Institute of Photography”. Having instructors as Gregory Heisler and David Turner (to name a few), my life turned around 360 degrees. After hallmark I moved to New York to attend an amazing person and great photographer Wendy Hope. I’m currently working on my photography studio growing and putting me challenges.

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Viviana’s tips for making brides look more high fashion/editorial:

1. Choose a theme, skip the routine of doing a traditional bridal portrait and make an editorial one instead. Tell a story.
2. Find a place that fits the theme you chose.
3. Posing has to be very natural, evade smiles. (In particular I like bridal portraits a little more serious).
4. Natural light is the most beautiful, never photograph when the sun is up.
5. Flowering trees are amazing, nature is always super chic so try to include it in your pictures.
6. Most important……HAVE FUN!

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The artist: Viviana Cardona
The biz: Viviana Cardona
The location: New York
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