Tutorial – Quick Fix for Red Skin

by Travis Smith

Ever have red skin blotches around the nose, or rosy cheeks in an image? Well here’s a quick fix.

Quick Fix – Hue/Saturation Layer

The easiest way to fix this is with a Hue/Sat adjustment layer. If you don’t have the Adjustment’s Panel open, click Window -> Adjustments. Once open, click the Hue/Sat layer button to add the layer

After clicking the button to add the layer, you’ll get a new adjustment layer in your layer stack, and you’ll see the dialogue box for the Hue/Sat layer. Change the color to “Reds” and move the “Hue” slider to the right, somewhere around +12 to +18.

When you added the adjustment layer, a layer mask was automatically created. It defaults to white, which means the entire image is affected by your adjustment. We want to just paint in the areas where the adjustment is needed. To do so, click Command+I (Control+I on a PC) to invert the layer mask and make it black.

Now the adjustment layer is not affecting anything. We need to paint white over any area of the image we want affected. Select a soft brush and in the tool options panel at the top of the screen, make your opacity and flow each 30%. That way we can gradually paint in the areas we need to adjust. Make sure your layer mask is selected in the layer stack and that your brush color is set to white, and begin painting over the affected areas.

The beautiful thing about doing this with an adjustment layer is you can always change the opacity of the layer, or change amount of the adjustment by double clicking the adjustment layer icon in the layer stack and moving the slider forward or backward.

Good luck, and happy painting!

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