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About Stacey:

I am a part time photographer and part time MRI tech, I like to think of myself as capturing individuals on the inside & outside. Became a mommy for the first time 3 months ago to the most incredibly perfect baby Wade. He has given me feelings I never knew existed so I have a new found love for maternity and newborn sessions.

About this session:

These photos were of a dear friend of mine with her second and final pregnancy. I just recently had my first little one in November and now maternity sessions mean SO much more to me. My friend is so beautiful inside and out so it was my pleasure to capture her during this time so she can remember that perfect feeling of life inside of her even after she joins us on earth. I had seen the concept of milk baths here and there from other photographers and this was the perfect opportunity to step out of my everyday maternity session and dive into the unknown with someone I felt comfortable with, that way if it was a total wash no biggie! Little did I know these would become some of my very favorite photos, proof that stepping out of your comfort zone is SO important in this type of industry!

Tips for creating your own milk bath session:

1. Window – I got lucky with this particular session. There was a window right above the bathtub that made for soft, beautiful lighting. Choose a bathtub that as a bathtub with a window to the side or front so you have a nice, directional light.

2. Supplies – Fill your tub up a quarter of the way with warm water, and add cornstarch and evaporated milk to make it a little thicker. I have read most people just use whole milk but I liked the thicker, more concentrated looked. The amount really depends on how big your tub is. Start small and gradually add until you get the desired look your going for!

3. Props – Hit up a local flower shop and support your local businesses! Some flower shops have loose stem florals on sale certain days of the week so keep an eye out for bargains. Greenery is another great option to add contrast to your image.

4. Ladder – We shot this in a teeny tiny bathroom so a ladder gave me the chance to shoot from different angles and not be restricted to the small space we were working with!

5. Wardrobe – Keep it simple! We chose a delicate lace piece to add some class rather than being completely nude, it was the perfect amount of clothing.

The artist: Stacey Rohman
The biz: Stacey Rohman Photography
The location: Peoria Heights, IL
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