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Suzanne Gipson does not look to capture the perfect photo; she seeks the perfect moment. Her portfolio, full of authentic and one-of-a-kind images, serves witness to an art only a veteran lifestyle photographer can reflect from behind the lens. But what’s so striking about Gipson’s collection of photos is how much youthful joy comes through, thanks to her primary focus and favorite form of inspiration: her children, Falon and Grey.

Gipson is one of a growing number of photographers who, for her craft, is putting her family front and center. Gipson contributes her remarkable family photos to Shutterstock’s Offset, a curated collection of extraordinary, engaging imagery from top artists and storytellers around the world. Offset created a royalty free marketplace that connects photographers with businesses and agencies looking for high-end, assignment quality photos and illustrations. It allows these family-oriented photographers to transform the art of capturing memories into small business opportunities.

In 2014, Gipson saw interest increase for her photos inside of major advertising campaigns for such brands as OxyClean and Liberty Mutual. As the advertising world has sought out more authenticity, photographers like Gipson have responded in kind – proving it’s possible to blend a passion for photography with the love for family.

Gipson along with other Offset moms support one another and share their successes and words of wisdom inside a Facebook group. The moms tag each other in the comment sections of these brands’ posts while sharing screenshots of children they recognize and know. Not only can they spot familiar models, but they share knowledge, techniques and skills that propel their careers forward.

The kids love being featured, too. Gipson shared her daughter Falon’s response to seeing herself in Clickin’ Moms: “She started laughing when she saw the ad because in the photo she was crying.” Falon also took note of another campaign that featured her little brother, Grey, and not her. Falon asked her mother, “Well, where am I?”

Gipson said the secret to taking a great photograph of any subject is to make sure they pretend the camera isn’t there. But that’s easier said than done when you already have a relationship with the model — especially when they rely on you for guidance and sustenance. To make sure that her children feel at ease ahead of a photo shoot, Gipson sits and plays with them.

Still, she is willing to take on additional props when needed. In one popular photo, Gipson captures her daughter and son playing musical instruments. “Grey was playing the banjo, and I thought it would be great to have her on the piano, so I brought the piano out.”

Gipson says many people have said her personality comes through loud and clear in her art. When you look through Gipson’s portfolio, and see her children smiling and playing, it’s evident that Gipson has uncovered both the beauty of her craft, as well as the wonders of parenthood.

Suzanne Gipson (Offset) - Young boy pushing girl on a skateboard

Suzanne Gipson (Offset)- Two children enjoy playing in a stream of water

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