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About Sarah:
My name is Sarah Wood, I live on a small farm in Ephraim Utah with my husband and 4 kids! I am a self taught photographer and love to shoot anything that catches my eye. I am passionate about expressing my creativity through photography and get completely high off of capturing an amazing image!! I am busy and broke all the time between my kids rodeo life and animals and my unhealthy love affair with online shopping….life is good!

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About these images:
My daughter, Desmond is 7 years old and has an over the top love of animals! Naturally, in the springtime when there are babies, I just have to capture her sweet gift of being able to calm and cuddle all things little. This set is of Desmond and the most darling baby goat, Kristof. We were able to find a small patch of purple flowers, and I turned them loose! They chased and played as the sun set and I just stood back and clicked that shutter! I hope someday, these images will take her back to the innocence of her childhood and remind her of the excitement and beauty of springtime…

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The artist: Sarah Wood
The biz: Remember When Photography
The location: American Fork, Utah
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6 thoughts on “Sarah Wood – Featured Photographer

  1. What a gift you have in capturing the perfect moment in time. These photos are just precious and priceless. You have serious talent Sarah!! Your little daughter is just beautiful, long thick eyelashes and such a sweetness in all the pictures.

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