Kelli Taylor – Featured Photographer

About Kelli:
I am a curly haired, tree huggin’, bad spelling, Metro Detroit portrait photographer and mother of two boys that loves all things well designed and creative.



Behind the scenes of this session:

The location: Machinaw City/ Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

Camera used: Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 5D Mark II

Lenses used: 85mm 1.2, 24mm 1.4

Time of day: 9am start

Any other equipment used (reflectors, flash, etc): nope

Favorite trick for working with young children: Work with their personalities, if they are an active child then don’t make life hard on them and yourself by trying to get lots of still poses. Telling them NOT to smile or siblings to look at each other usually brings on a laugh. Use the environment, let them play and have fun giving them some direction but then letting them have some freedom to see what they naturally will do.

Favorite tip for adding motion: Let the kids and family play off each other like telling siblings swing around holding hands, telling dad and mom to tickle or “throw” the kids around and see what they naturally do.

Editing programs used: Adobe Bridge (I know) and Photoshop

Actions used: One or maybe two Totally rad actions but I my editing is pretty light and simple.








The artist: Kelli Taylor
The biz: Purple Tree Photography
The location: Northville, Michigan
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