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One of the things we loved about Kansas’ beautiful newborn images is that they looked styled…how unique and adorable! We asked her about this and she gave us some insight to her inspiration…

When I am able and feeling inspired, I like to tailor my images to my clients hobbies, personalities, etc. I want to give them something unique to them, or to the babies’ nursery. It really feels more connected to me and to them. Here are a few of the ways I have done that.

Mr. Owen is my Dr. Seuss baby. His mother was my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher so I wanted to do something fun and education-related. I don’t know why Dr. Seuss came to mind but I love how it turned out. The rest of his session is HERE.

baby owens | my little dr seuss baby

Baby Lydia is the very first daughter of my dear friends, Josh & Tricia, and Tricia talked all the time about doing her nursery in the Very Hungry Caterpillar from almost the day she found out she was pregnant. I knew, in the back of my mind, I had to do something with that.

lydia grace | 7 days old

Also, her husband is a gun and hunting enthusiast with lots of taxidermy on his office walls so I had this image in my mind but just didn’t know if it would turn out the way I wanted it to-with the help of a cream layering set from Sew Whimsy, I made it both personal to him and feminine. The rest of her session is HERE.

lydia grace | 7 days old

The other day, I did newborn photographs for a couple that I went to high school with. Megan, Grayton’s mommy, sent me an image of his nursery and there was a canvas with a bright, primary colored chevron pattern along with a painted mustache. This image came to mind-I was so happy to get it! I haven’t even finished editing his session (it was Tuesday) but I had to get this one in here!


Lastly, my niece was due on Christmas Day this past year (although she came a little early) so I wanted to do something Christmas-y but not cheesy. I borrowed the rustic tree from my neighbors porch (with their permission, of course) and ordered this gorgeous sleigh for the occasion. How cute is my new little niece? The rest of her session is HERE.

alannah my niece

And I can’t forget my little sports babies. From runners to baseball enthusiasts, I love expressing sports in newborn imagery!



The artist: Kansas Pitts
The biz: Kansas Pitts Photography
The location: Santa Rose Beach, FL
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