fotoClient, the beautiful business management for photographers, is unleashing more invitations for new users.

Elijah Parker’s photography business was growing. Too quickly.


He realized he needed better tools to help him stay organized, productive, and effective.After doing some research, he found several tools that had the potential to serve these purposes, but after using them, he found them to be clunky, incomplete, and ultimately, unhelpful.


Elijah decided he could leverage his extensive computer software expertise to create a simple tool that would enable him to better serve his clients in a scalable way. That decision marked the birth of fotoClient.


“The earliest version of fotoClient was built out of necessity,” says now CEO Elijah Parker.My business was growing and I was suffering with the growing pains. I knew I wasn’t providing the same level of service that my clients deserved, so I decided to build a solution.”


fotoClient is a free cloud based business management software for professional photographers and studios.


By having a central location for email, lead tracking and more, fotoClient alleviates many of the pain points professional photographers experience while trying to run a photography business in an elegant, frictionless manner.


“We don’t think photographers should have to ‘duct-tape’ different tools together to run their business,” added Elijah’s partner and Co-Founder, Isaac Kamsin. “We’ve seen photographers trying to mix Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, and post-it notes to stay organized. fotoClient combines the essence of all those administrative tools in one powerful piece of software that’s insanely easy to use.”


If fotoClient sounds like something you’ve been looking for, unfortunately you’ll have to wait. fotoClient is currently in an invite-only beta stage meant to help the fotoClient team gradually develop the application. To gain access, photographers can request an invitation on or from other users with early access. Just search #fotoClient on Twitter to display photographers who have invitations available.

fotoClient Screenshot

What are the benefits of using fotoClient for photographers?

According to the founders, fotoClient takes the pain out of building a scalable photography business and delivers in 3 key areas:


1. Smarter business management:fotoClient’s Smart Workflow automation allows photographers to focus on photography by automating processes that are performed often.


2. Better customer support: From the first time the photographer and a potential customer make contact, fotoClient provides a centralized place to track communication. Users can track conversations with customers and add notes to potential clients to store the details that matter.


3. Optimized bottom line: The cost-saving productivity and plans starting at zero dollars (with no-credit card required) mean photographers can get more done for less, and upgrade to a paid plan only when they’re ready.


The fotoClient team plans to continue improving the product through conversations with its current user base. “We have a pretty good idea of where we want to go with the product, but it really depends on what the photography community wants us to build,” says Parker. “We will continue to add features based on ideas photographers are sending us over Twitter, Facebook, email and our UserVoice page.”

fotoClient is currently in an invitation-only beta, but Mozi-Mag users can skip the line! To get a preferred invitation, use “Mozi-Mag” on the fotoClient website as an invite

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