Featured Photographer – Daria Keenan

About Daria:

I’m a London, Ontario based wedding and portrait photographer who is truly, madly, deeply in love with capturing beautiful golden sun-kissed photos! I’m currently living in the gorgeous Cayman Islands soaking up the Caribbean sun and water.



Daria’s 3 tips for shooting in the golden hour:

My clients have come to recognize my work by my sun-kissed photos taken during the golden hour. It’s now my signature look and nothing makes me more happy than my my images being filled with beautiful golden light. I’ll be honest, when I first started in 2011, I despised shooting at sunset. I just simply couldn’t understand the fuss around it. I never could pose my subject in the proper light/angle; the sun was too overpowering; and I was left stressed as I fumbled with my settings during a session. It wasn’t until 3 years ago that I discovered the magic of light and you can too! Here are just a few tips to help you discover YOUR light!

  1. Be mindful of how the light hits your subject. Shooting backlit is absolutely my favourite. I always place the sun behind my subjects but instead of shooting directly into the sun I look for foliage or trees where the sun can filter through softly illuminating the background while still creating a beautiful rim light around my subject.
  2. Chase the light: As soon as the sun dips behind the trees or buildings don’t be afraid to keep moving. The further you move away from it the more time you’ll have to work with the beautiful golden rays.
  3. Don’t forget the lens hood: I find it especially important during sunset sessions as it helps eliminate a lot of the sun flare. Although I don’t mind a little haze here and there I love my images to have a lot of contrast and saturation.






The artist: Daria Keenan
The biz: Daria Keenan Photography
The location: London, Ontario
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