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Article by Christopher Wooley of FathomFocus

Being a talented photographer is only a part of having successful photography business. You can take beautiful images, but if your client doesn’t see them or connect with them, you don’t get paid. Finding a successful method to give your work the showcase it deserves can be challenging, and until you find the perfect method for your business, expensive.

In order to preview sessions in a client’s home, I had to haul a host of materials and equipment with me: laptops, printed proofs, large custom printed artwork, proof books, and just about everything else you could imagine. And even with half a dozen trips to the car before the session even began, it felt like I was missing something. I was missing an easy but personal way to cross that bridge between my art and sales.

After much ado, I finally found that bridge. And because it’s too good to keep to myself, I’ll tell you about it.

It’s called FathomFocus: an app that allows a clean, smooth, and easy way of previewing and selling my work just about anywhere. It allows me to connect to my client’s TV and run an entire session through my iPad. I can sort, crop, order, and take notes, all at my fingertips. My client sees their image on the TV and I sit on the couch next to them running the session. No more cases full of materials and samples. No more multiple trips to the car. No more risking my work being exposed to the elements just to make a few sales that may or may not for replacing the samples if they’re damaged in the process.

My Session Process

  1. Slideshow – I play a slideshow to music of all the quality images from the session
  2. Sort – We go through each of the images and pick out their favorites. I swipe up and the images are automatically moved to the “yes” folder.
  3. Compare – We look at similar images side by side and narrow down the choices.
  4. Order – We order their favorite images and packages
  5. Payment – I accept money right on the spot using Square
  6. Email – After they’ve paid, I email them a receipt automatically

Some of FathomFocus’s built-in features include Scale, where images display in real size, and Wall Groupings, where multiple images are displayed in many  So hauling around big and heavy samples is a thing of the past. Instead, I keep a small selection of print, album, and product samples with me to show the quality. Hooking up my iPad to the client’s TV, my clients can easily see how nice larger wall portraits are, and exactly how small an 8″ x 10″ image really is.

The ease of this process allows me to be more personal with my clients and they love it. My clients get more personal attention, and I get a stress-free sales session. And that’s the beauty of FathomFocus. Because of its simplicity of use and robust features, I no longer need to sell my images; I need only help my clients shop. I simply connect to the TV, join them on the couch, and help them shop. Here is a blog showing the In-Person sales process using FathomFocus.

The key to this being so successful is the simplicity. By using one App to run my entire sales session, my customers get a  professional presentation, and I don’t have to worry about keeping track of print sizes, packages, crops, or anything else. FathomFocus takes care of everything for me.  I get to focus on my clients instead.

And perhaps one of the greatest things about FathomFocus is that it allows me to be a photographer first and a salesperson last. It almost sells my work on its own, and frees me up to take care of my clients as an artist.

Tech Details

  • FathomFocus is available in the App store for $199. No subscriptions, just download it and go. It also comes with Free updates, because it is an app. So every time they release new features, you get them free.
  • You can use Apple TV or an HDMI cable to connect to your client’s TV

Parting Thoughts

The previewing and sales session is where you make your money. Unless you are strictly a shoot and burn photographer, you need a method to make the most of your sales – otherwise you’re just leaving money on the table. I like this process because it is clean, simple, and helps me get the most out of my sessions. In my first iPad sales session alone, I made more than enough money BEYOND MY NORMAL SALE to purchase the App.

So go on. Cross that bridge. Your clients will thank you for it.

FathomFocus and Mozi Magazine are giving away 2 FathomFocus Apps and a yearly digital subscription to Mozi.  Giveaway begins February 17th and ends Feburary 20th at midnight.

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