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Hi! I’m Jamie author and creator of [kreyv], a place where I catalog interior design inspiration and my never ending wish list, an occasional diy, and complete and utter randomness. You can find me here.

When clients select you as their photographer, they are willing to make quite an investment with both time and money (and let’s not forget the stress of what to wear)! Once the shoot is complete, they anticipate the finished product, and then, hopefully, get to drool over the finished product.  If your clients are anything like me, they love every single picture of their children (and maybe one of themselves), and are ready to make an order of prints, books, gallery wraps, stand outs, and any other product that needs to be graced by the presence of their children’s adorable faces…until they realize they don’t know where they going to put all of these pictures. I can help with that.

1. Before the shoot, consult with your clients regarding picture placement: Do they have a particular place in their homes where these images are going to be displayed? (i.e. over fireplace, gallery wall, over couch)? Do they prefer landscape or portrait photos?

2. Promote your products! There’s a very good chance that many of your clients have no idea what a gallery wrap or stand out is. And you know what? They just might order some if you show them! What about an album? You just gave your client an idea for Christmas gifts.

3. Show your clients beautiful images of picture displays in homes. Collect photos from magazines, or start a board on Pinterest. Photos immediately personalize a space, making it feel warm and inviting.  We artsy types often forget that others have a hard time imagining what something may look like in their homes. Show them! They may see something they love and want to replicate it, which means they’ll need more prints to do so!

Here are some of my favorite ways to display portraits:


Layering is one of the easiest ways to display photos. It’s nail free, commitment free, and can be changed as much as wanted. Layering also brings a sense of collection, personalization, and warmth to a space.



house beautiful

Gallery Walls

The gallery wall provides versatility and flexibility. A gallery can be any size, any shape, and there are virtually no rules! Whether the gallery is composed of the same size, shape, and color of frames or is an eclectic arrangement of portraits and other items, it’s sure to make a statement.


mrs howard personal shopper


life in a venti cup pictures

Hanging Displays

Hanging displays can be small or large. They can be fun and whimsical for a child’s room or formal and structured for a different room in the house. They can hold multiple prints and are super easy to change out.


shelternessshelterness 2


Vignettes are an easy sale. Everyone has a surface to put portraits on! Vignettes have a lot of flexibility and are easy to create. The best way to create a vignette is to start with three objects of varying heights, and then add in more layers.

we vignette

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