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Colorvale Actions & Presets

So many times we hear that Photoshop Actions are cheating, that they are over used, and also that a professional should know how to do it themselves.  Well, we at Colorvale are here to give you OUR perspective on this. Sure you should know how to use Photoshop. You should even know what looks best on your images. Taking it one step further, we believe you should have an editing style, but WHY should you have to create all of those layers and steps on every photo you open? So as a “Professional” does that mean you should take even more time doing redundant steps to get to the same outcome? No, we think not. A professional is about efficiency. A professional is about quality. A professional is all about mastering their business, but a “professional” is NOT too proud to recognize that there are enhanced methods and tools to effectively manage their time. We are so sure that you will love what we offer that we have a free sample set waiting for you – Download Colorvale Sample Set or try our FREE Web Enhancing Action to take the frustration out of Facebook posting once and for all!

Imagine a day where editing is no longer a chore. Hours up all night spent editing are a thing of the past. Imagine this and then get excited because Colorvale is your solution. We are the olive in your editing martini. Don’t like olives? Fine, we don’t mind being the pumpkin in your latte. Don’t like that either? Geez, you are picky. But we KNOW you will love The Fixings, our new ALL-in-ONE action –





Because we love Mozi fans we have developed an exclusive set just for you!  Please use the code: MOZI (all caps) to get this item FREE.   This code expires December 6, 2013 (valued at $20)


Here is what you will be getting!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 5.41.16 PM


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