Tree Bird Photography – Senior Photographer

My name is Trinity, and I am a natural light photographer located in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina. I shoot families, seniors, adults, and weddings. High school senior sessions and women sessions are my favorite type of session. This particular session was for myself to celebrate being in business a little over a year. I wanted to do a styled inspiration shoot that was simple and elegant. Mary was a perfect model for this session, and so was the lace and other simple props. These photos were taken at Fort Fisher, which was a confederate fort during the civil war. We had a great time, and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out. They were exactly what I had in mind.
Who’s that – Trinity
Business – Tree Bird Photography
Location – Wilmington, NC

Holli True – Senior Photographer

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I talk like a California Surfer Girl. Stoked, Dude, Totally and Rad are words you will frequently hear from me, although I am a proud Oregon Girl who has never surfed a day in her life. I am a simple girl who loves the smell of fresh rain, playing Fantasy Football and Twilight… yeah, I’m smitten. American Eagle Favorite Boyfriend jeans, Indie Rock, and cupcakes, I am convinced, make the world a better place. If quoting movies was an Olympic Sport- I would get the gold. Twice. I have watched Easy A, The Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls, The Notebook, Sixteen Candles, 27 Dresses and Dirty Dancing more times than I can count. And the Twilight movies? Well, lets just say, there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t see Bella, Edward & Jacob. I am addicted to Reality TV, my iPhone, Mrs. Pac-Man and Lemonade Popsicles. I could eat Mexican food everyday and never complain, preferably Mucho Gusto & Chipotle. My heart belongs to Maui, where our family had the greatest vacation- one day, hopefully soon, we will be reunited with that glorious island in the sun.


Behind the camera : Holli True
Business Name: Holli True Photography
Location : Eugene, OR



Michelle Perry Photography – Senior Photographer

I am a natural light photographer living in Phoenix, AZ (aka Valley of the Sun). I am self taught and have been photographing people, places and things for almost three years. My absolute passion is photographing high school seniors. I love their energy and eagerness to express themselves.

Behind the Lens: Michelle Perry

Business Name : Michelle Perry Photography

Location : Phoenix, AZ


Stephanie Pana Photography – Senior Photographer

Stehanie is a Chicagoland Area Photographer specializing in stylized & lifestyle portraiture for the modern high school senior and teen.

Stephanie is an up and coming natural light, on-location photographer for the Chicago Suburbs. She captures the essence of true emotions and real moments. Taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary. Hoping to make you feel something extra about yourself that you didn’t quite feel before.


Behind the camera : Stephanie Panagopoulos
Business Name: Staphanie Pana Photography
Location : Chicago, IL


Hair/MUA – Patricia Cerniuk

Spanki Mills – Senior Photography

My REAL name is Spanki!  I will go by just about anything…Stacy, Becky, and Sparky are what I get the most often.  (I guess no one really thinks they hear right when I say Spank).  I am thirty “something” mother of 4 (if you don’t include my husband who acts 12 most of the time)!  I have 3 boys one 11yr old, twin 10yr olds, and a daughter AKA the “boss” who is 5 (and to think I was told I couldn’t have children) pshhh!  I am no good at math, or spelling…I tend to make up words.  My poor friends and family have learned they have to de-code me!  I have no problem laughing at myself!  I sing really good when my radio is REALLY loud, I still think I can cheer just as good as the girls who actually FIT in their uniform, and their is never a dance competition I won’t break it down in!  I am a self taught photographer, who loves photography for the memories it captures.  I wish I could be the “artist” that can cry over an image…nope, not me, I am just the who had always had a camera in hand not wanting to forget a moment in time I knew I’d never get back!

The Girl – Spanki Mills

The biz – Spanki Mills Photography

Location – Montgomery Co, TX


Jamie Rubeis Photography – Senior Photographer

Jamie is a wife, a mother , a daughter, a friend, an artist, a photographer! Originally from the sunny beaches of California, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada nine years ago with the love of her life and never looked back. In life she is a quiet, behind the scenes type of personality.  She finds the beauty in everything. She spends time visualizing and creating each session to set the stage for those amazing moments.  She strives to think outside the box and come up with ideas that everyone will love!


Behind the glass: Jamie Rubeis
Business : Jamie Rubeis Photography
Location : Viva Las Vegas


LJHolloway Photographer – Senior Photographer

Nothing brings me more joy than capturing the true essence and spirit of the people I photograph.  I pride myself in my ability to weave emotion and light together to create something magical…something more than just a portrait, but a recording of who you are.  If you want the absolute best, you have come to the right place.


The girl chillin with the camera: Lisa Holloway

The Biz: LJHolloway Photography

Location: Las Vegas, NV and Kingsman, AZ



Brittney Kluse Photography – Senior Photographer

Brittney Kluse is a stylized lifestyle portrait photographer specializing in natural light photography that brings out the fresh, fun, and colorful side of life. Brittney’s contemporary and candid style mixed with her signature bold, bright and colorful imagery, set her apart in the industry. She has published articles and interviews in numerous blogs and magazines and is frequently sought out for online or in-person mentoring from photographers around the country.

FUNNY tidbits …

Here are a few things about the gal behind the lens: I am the loudest person I know, things that make me very happy include my husband and kiddos, my daily (yes, daily) skinny iced hazelnut lattes, pedicures with rhinestones, and ice cream topped with gummi bears. I love the idea of organizing better than I keep up with it. My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffanys. I could spend all day in Sephora and find myself constantly buying the same color of lip gloss everywhere I go. I have too many shoes and black shirts. Sometimes I just put in my Pilates DVD and watch the ladies on the TV do the exercises! Want to know more? Ok … I could be convinced to buy anything with polka dots. My favorite color is orange. I can’t cook to save my life — one of the ba-zillion reasons I married my wonderful hubby! I like big hair. I love my friends and family. My favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve. Things that annoy me are rude people and bad cell phone connections. I love to watch my babies sleep. There is a photo of me holding a camera (backwards) when I was two years old trying to take a picture. I would be lost without my iPhone. And last but not least photography is my absolute passion in life and I hope to share it with you!
instagram = @brittneykluse
(I do offer mentoring to other photogs!)

Michelle Moore – Senior Photography

Michelle Moore is a fashion editorial and high school senior portrait photographer working in both Seattle and Los Angeles. She is an internationally respected senior portrait photographer and is highly sought out for her portrait services.

Michelle loves helping high school seniors reveal their inner and outer beauty during her unique boutique like portrait experience. In addition, she focuses on bringing awareness to a healthy body image through her fashion and celebrity editorial work. In this capacity, she has collaborated with many local and national magazines on editorial and celebrity assignments.

In 2011 she worked again with 90210 television star Jessica Lowndes, photographing the cover of her most recent music EP entitled “Nothing Like This.”

In 2012 Michelle released her first product for Photographers, the POSING & MOORE guide which has been purchased by hundreds of Photographers across the globe and has received rave reviews.  You can learn more about this amazing resource for posing your teen clients at and purchase your copy for immediate download for only $149.”

Amanda Holloway – Senior Photographer

If you want an epic experience that is exclusive to unique and fashion forward seniors, Amanda Holloway Photography is your hot spot for revolutionary senior portraits! She only works with the best team of make up artists, hair and clothing stylists around! Amanda Holloway Photography is known for her editorial and fashion photography style with a modern twist showcasing each senior’s unique personality and trend.

Each senior is approached with exceptional attention to detail to make sure that their portraits don’t turn out like any other seniors at their school. Her clients pride themselves on having one of a kind senior portraits with styled make up and hair to start off with followed by rocking locations and excellent client service.

Behind the lens : Amanda Holloway
The Biz : Amanda Holloway Photography
Located : Woodlands, TX