Annelise Sophiea – Featured Photographer

About Annelise:

I am a fine art photographer in Traverse City Michigan. I have twin girls and a little boy who inspire me and my work. I love animals and incorporate animals in my shoots. Some are real animals that are our pets and some are composite images. This shoot is done with our family pet Elsa who is a Welsh pony. I started photography 3 years ago after my husband bought me my first camera for my birthday and since then have become a multiple award winning photographer. I also travel for my sessions and provide fine art images for clients around the country and hopefully someday the world.

Three tips for a successful shoot with animals:

1) When working with animals, it is best to have an assistant who knows about the animal (knows their behaviors and can help with control the animal).

2) Only go as far as your model is comfortable with. Ask your model if she is comfortable with sitting on a horse’s back in a large dress. Some may not be comfortable with it and the images will show it.

3) Take time to really prepare for each shoot. Decide on location, outfit, and time of day when the light is best at your location. This shoot was months in the making because I had this dress specifically made for this session. Planning the colors and how they compliment the horse and the model really contributed to a successful shoot.

The artist: Annelise Sophiea
The biz: Annelise Nicole Photography
The location: Traverse City, MI
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