Melody Hood – Featured Photographer

Melody has a distinct style with a flair for drama. The results are stunning and unique imagery. We are proud to welcome Melody, from Innamorata Photography, as our first wedding feature. About Melody: I am a single mom. I support us 100% with my photography business. I am a survivor of domestic violence, a survivor, not

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Fundy Software Feature – Giveaway

Fundy is giving you a 30-day trial!  Go to and try the suite of products with your workflow.


New Album Builder v5 with Auto Album

Fundy Software INC has just released their brand new v5 suite with a whole lot of new tools and gadgets. By far the most fun is the new Album Builder v5 with the auto album feature. You might say I’m lying, but I can do a 30-page wedding album in 15 minutes from start to finish. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The entire suite of programs has been updated to be more automated, give you more control and make your images look better than ever.

Album Builder v5 New Features

The newest fun feature in Album Builder v5 is the Auto Album function. Simply by organizing your images with easy-to-use page markers, you can click Auto Album and have Album Builder v5 design an entire album for you in minutes. “I designed three albums before breakfast and they were all approved, as is, by the clients,” says John Prutch, Washington-based wedding photographer.

But Album Builder v5 doesn’t stop there, with completely reconfigured design modules, you can choose the auto route or have full control over your albums.
The new Quick Design tab allows photographers to create detailed manual designs. You can create complex designs in minutes by building rows, columns, grids or a combination.

Blog Collage v3 New Features

Blog Collage is the fastest way to design elegant collages for your blog or online media, such as Facebook and Pinterest. Simply select your images, make two clicks and design your collage.

New in Blog Collage v3 is the ability to add looks to your collages. With 10 pre-built looks, adding those final polishing touches along with your logo to your collage is as easy as one click.

Image Brander v3 New Features

Image Brander will protect your images and promote your brand on the web. It’s as easy as selecting your images, choosing your look, checking your output size and hitting run. Says northern California photographer Ben Chrisman of Chrisman Studios, “We don’t let an image bound for the Internet out of our studio without putting our logo on it using Image Brander. It’s become our most used Photoshop tool.”

Also with 10 pre-built styles for your look, with Image Brander v3 you have many options for that quick branding before images get posted to the web. Or create an infinite number of custom looks by adjusting your logo size, color bar, text and frame. Plus, you can save out those unlimited favorite looks with the click of a button.

Batch Editor v2 New Features

Batch Editor is the fastest way to edit in Photoshop, with a bonus of professional, natural skin softening, 30+ actions and filters included.

With Batch Editor v2, all of your actions preload, you can create custom one-click mixes, and it works along with your third-party plug-ins. Create your own workspaces and mixes so Photoshop works the way you need it to work and make those professional edits in moments.

More About Fundy Software

The company was founded in 2008 by Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg and in a very short period of time, it has become known as a leader in software solutions for the professional wedding and portrait photographer, winning two back-to-back HotOne awards for Album Builder from Professional Photographer magazine. As a former wedding photographer, Fundy saw the need for quick, easy and fun album design software and started the company to educate and create solutions for photographers.

Give the free, 30-day trial a go at and try the suite of products with your workflow.

May 2013 Issue – Weddings!

Now available, Mozi Magazine’s Wedding Issue! This beautiful new issue is loaded with gorgeous imagery and inspirational content from some of the industry’s most admired artists, including Bobbi+Mike Simply Bloom Ben Sasso Zach and Jody Gray Julie Paisley Totally Rad Actions Fotofafa Design Aglow Digital Issue – $10 Print Issue – $30 Want to be

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We are suckers for a good cause. And this one is a really, really good cause. Our good friend, Rachel Durik, has an amazing opportunity to go to Zambia to help with Poetice, an organization dedicated to using the arts to inspire and uplift youth, and document the entire trip. And we want to help her

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