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About Trina:

Trina is the photographer and owner of VioletRay Photography. She started her photographic journey because she wanted to be able to touch people’s lives, and leave them memories that will carry them through their lifetimes, and touch future generations. Trina is a self taught, natural light photographer, who is known for her love of high fashion photography coupled with a timeless twist allowing her to showcase each of her clients own personalities and characteristics. Knowing that there is always something else to learn though, Trina loves to attend shoot-outs and workshops, and is attending a 6 day workshop with wedding photographer, Nichole Van, abroad in Paris, France in May 2013 to further her education in Fine Art and Portrait Composure. Education is never ending, and the day we stop learning is the day we become dull and boring. Trina is also a proud member of the Operation Love: ReUnited time, giving back to our military families, and a member of the Seniorologie directory. She lives in Montana with her horses, 3 cats and black lab.



 Her words on being a wedding photographer and only using natural light:

Here at VioletRay Photography, my goal is to use the natural God-given beauty that surrounds us to preserve the dreams and moments of those that I am photographing. To capture the happiness, as an all natural light based photographer, so that memories will never die and will always be there to revisit down the road of time. Allowing the sunlight to kiss the top of an amazing head of hair, framing the most beautiful moment between a couple… this is only where the beauty starts. Many people are under the assumption that you HAVE to have flash fill or off camera flash lighting to shoot weddings, but that isn’t true. The most important thing for us as photographers to remember when shooting is to “find the light.”


Light surrounds us. If we can see without aid of a lightbulb, that means there is a natural light source available for us to use in our photography. Knowing and understanding our camera is the most important tool in being an all natural light photographer. Maximizing the usage of ISO, averaged or spot metering for open shade vs. backlit shooting, and aperture settings will allow you the ability to catch a sunflair or have that apparent “burst” of divine white light enveloping your couple in their romantic moment.


Like everything else, learning and understanding how to maximize your use of natural light source takes a lot of time, practice, determination, and bravery. Yes, I say bravery because you have to be “brave” and step out into that bold sunlight. Don’t be scared of the sun. Embrace it and use its golden beauty. When shooting in open sunlight, have your client’s backs to the sun, set your camera settings to a lower ISO (100-200 is common), wide aperture, and spot metering, so that when you meter, you are metering for their skin, and not the background. Once you meter on your subject, take a test shot, check it and adjust your shutter speed or aperture as needed. The wider your aperture, the more the light is allowed to come in.



If you are shooting within a hotel when you are taking the bridal portraits find a window. You can either use the direct sunlight to light them (noses to the light just as you would if you were using OCF), or you can have their backs to the window and create a backlit portrait. Most hotels have the lobby or atriums beautifully decorated and surrounded by windows. Use that to your advantage. Again, look for the light.


The most important thing for being a wedding photographer, all natural lighting or not, is to never say you can’t do something. Learn how to work with something. So much as a single ray of sunlight can brighten up the darkest room. You just need to know how to channel the light into your lens. Like everything else when practiced diligently, it will become second nature for you to look at your light, and you will know what you will need to do technically to attain your photographic goal.



The artist: Trina Weingart
The biz: VioletRay Photography
The location: Florence, Montana
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3 thoughts on “VioletRay Photography – Featured Photographer

  1. Hi Trina, I absolutely adore your photos! I also am a Natural Light Photographer and struggle with the thought of having to use a Flash for Weddings. So far I have been lucky enough to shoot without one for the most part. How do you shoot inside a church without flash or a reception hall that is dimly lit. I applaud you for going against the “rules”. Thank-you for sharing your inspiration, Gina

  2. Hi Gina! Thank you so much for the kind words! This questions actually got asked on the FB page! Here’s my answer:

    Before I got my speedlight flash I just used really high ISO and shot wide open going for an artistic B&W “vintage” look with the high grain and composition usage. After I purchased my speedlight though, I do like to use it in the dark reception halls. I’ve more weddings than not without aid of a flash, but like Ryan (on fb) said, sometimes.. you need one! It does simplify things without a doubt! The last wedding I shot had alot of speedlight flash work inside because of the strange mixture of lights (fluorescent lights and incandescent lights mixed together! OI VEY!), but I love the artistic look of the vintage noise to a degree. It makes it look so… nostalgic and timeless!

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