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One of my favorite pastimes growing up was creating story lines for my sister and I to act out. Entering college opened a whole new world for me to be able to reveal emotions in various mediums. I was a painter, a designer, and a photographer all in one. I was always inspired by the renaissance period artists and their secrets and symbols, Tim Burton’s creepy twisted tales, and Emily Dickinson’s hidden life poems. When photography became a full time career, it did not leave much room to concentrate on my other loves. Starting “The Darlings” series became a way for me to combine all of my passions into one; A new outlet to pursue my creative expression. I began painting sets and adding key elements for a each story. “The Darlings” series is a reinvention of past myths told through the portraits of children. Each set references a cache of heroines, inspirational women, and folklore


Two stories that I will share with you that will show you an overall picture of my tales are “Coral Bathory” and “But They Might.”

The portrait Coral Bathory tells the fictional Tudor-era story of the daughter of The Queen of England, Mary Bathory. Queen Mary was given the name Bloody Mary for the torturous persecution of Protestants. Coral resented her mother’s rule and did not want to inflict the same pain on her people. Her red coral crown symbolizes new life and new blood running through her veins. Coral is also used as an aid to depression. The warm tones and light pouring in depict Coral’s kindness and compassion, the opposite of her mother. The pastel shades represent restoring harmony to the heart.

Coral Bathory

The photograph titled “But They Might” is inspired from an Emily Dickinson poem: They might not need me; but they might. I’ll let my head be just in sight; a smile as small as mine might be precisely their necessity. This poem describes a mental picture of who Dickinson really was for me. She became a hermit in her later years and her favorite company was the delicately hand stitched poems that she created. I picture people only catching glimpses of this mastermind as she peered through the one window in her room. The cool tones and the gray makeup are to give a small feeling of sadness. The double panel of the girl and then the empty room are shown to emphasize the first two lines of the poem.

But they might
Chair: Rusty Love Vintage Rentals

Alana works as a lifestyle photographer and freelance graphic artist under the name Vanity’s Edge. Born in Baltimore, MD, Alana always maintained a love affair with the art of capturing life. She studied visual communications at Villa Julie College, MICA, and CCAC. Although her concentration was primarily in graphics, her new process was discovered from combining elements from all her favorite mediums. She married her high school sweetheart and is a mom to a 3 year old fashionsta, a brand new baby, and a herd of animals.

Haze Dupont
Headdress: Rae Beth Designs

Gretel Doll
Top Hat: Two Back Flats

Lily White
Furnishings: Mclain and Wiesland 

Alice Marionette

Evelyn Dupont

Mabel Snow
Top hat: Two Back Flats

Porcellana a La Maria
Furnishings: Mclain and Wiesland

The artist: Alana Beall
The biz: Vanity’s Edge Design
The location: Phoenix, Maryland
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