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About Valerie:

Understanding the belief that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she IS beautiful, is a key element to how you perceive your pretty.

What’s on the outside should reflect inside. Valerie believes that confidence is an important factor to capturing women throughout their miraculous journey to motherhood. In fact, it may be one of the most beautiful looks of all!

Valerie approaches each maternity session like a mainstream shoot complete with you — the model, props, and scenery. With a bit of creative direction and gentle encouragement, you can rest assured that she will get you on the right path to unleashing your inner vogue.

Valerie is committed to delivering exceptional stories and cherished moments from your special day and will never loose site of how you got there to begin with. Most importantly, she understands that the day is about YOU and encourages you to have FUN every step of the way and celebrate your pretty!




3 suggestions on taking your maternity photos from portrait to WOW!

Having the ability to push creativity to its full potential day in and day out isn’t always the easy task, but with a bit of understanding, patience and mindfulness, it can be accomplished.

Maternity photography in and of itself is special. It’s a journey that many woman spend a lifetime dreaming about. Most of my clients come to me because I can give them something different. I can give them their fairytale after. Beautiful photography doesn’t have to stop at the wedding. It can go beyond and years after.

  1. Understand your subject – a woman, her curves, her expressions, her body language. Watch her talk to you through her body language. Not all clients communicate through body language the same. So Its important to pay attention to all the little details. For example, does she tilt her head when she talks? How does she interact with her partner? Does she flirt through her eyes? Ask yourself where the connection is. Where is it coming from? It’s their – not always easy to find…but I promise you, it is there!
  2. Mindfulness – Be mindful of your client/subject and their needs. They came to you because you have the ability to give them something that they believe is truly beautiful. Something different, something that they’ve never seen before. All of my clients want to look and feel beautiful. Having a passion for this niche field of photography, requires you, the profession, to be sensitive to some of the nuances associated with pregnancy. Be mindful, be sensitive and listen. I can’t express this enough! It is the most important aspect of my role. My clients depend on it and failing to give them anything less means that I have failed and failing is not an option. My shoots don’t end at the stop of a watch, they end when I feel that we nailed it!
  3. Philosophy and Style – I’m all about celebrating your pretty and unleashing that inner vogue. Give your clients all the one-on-one time that they need. It’s easy to take a picture…the challenge is the direction and creating a moment. For me, giving direction is where the expertise come into play. Understand your style and philosophy and work it into your shoots.






The artist: Valerie Kendal
The biz: V. Kendal Photography
The location: Los Angeles, California
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2 thoughts on “Valerie Kendal – Featured Photographer

  1. Although I have never been pregnant, and I’ve had a hysterectomy, I find that pregnant women are beautiful and should be confident. That “glow” that they take about I believe is that perceived confidence that these women exude, knowing they have a life growing in them and will soon be nurturing that life outside the womb.
    Valerie has captured so much of the joy and confidence in these photos, it is refreshing. Kudos to her, and the models, for being willing to capture that joy of motherhood.

  2. Absolutely stunning work. Seeing the unique take on maternity portraiture makes me think I could actually get into this genre. Especially love the tulle over belly shot. Breathtaking. Thanks for the inspiration.

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