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Forums can be a wonderful tool in developing your photography skills.  They are an excellent resource for photographers.  Our friends over at the Bloom Forum made a list of the top 10 reason for joining The Bloom Forum:

1.  Network with other like-minded, passionate people like yourself that make lasting friendships.2.  A place to ask questions and get answers. Bloom has a section for basic photography tips as well as intermediate and advanced tutorials.

3.  Join or begin a personal or group project like the 10 on 10 or the 365 Day group.  Projects are a great way to keep things fresh and continue to grow as a photographer.

4.  Receiving valuable business and marketing tips and advice.  Bloom is full of helpful photographers that have been in business for some time and they are always happy to answer other forum member’s questions and sharing ideas and advice.

5.  Education opportunities.  Bloom offers fantastic workshops taught by the some of industry’s leading photographers.

6.  Learning editing tips for Photoshop, ACR and Lightroom.

7.  Getting honest, real and constructive critiques on your photos.

8.  Bloom holds some cool contests and challenges that makes you think
outside the box.  And for all your hard work, we give away some amazing prizes.

9.  Exclusive vendor offerings and discounts.

10.  Finally and what Bloom believes is the most important:  a mutual respect upon all photographers of all levels.  Bloom is a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where all photographers, regardless of skill level or whether one is a hobbyist or in business, are equal.

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  1. Okay. So my readers are a liltte shy about commenting. I did ask my makeup assistant and seriously inspirational artist, Leah Bassett, what she wanted to read about in this blog. She said, in similar words, you should talk about what it’s like to build relationships with people in the industry and how important those connections are to be successful.

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