The Express Yourself Actions – GIVEAWAY

Alex Beadon Photography just launched some new dreamy actions called “The Express Yourself Actions”.  They are giving one lucky reader the whole set of actions valued at $299.  They are also offering for a limited time 50% off their introductory rate of $149!  Go here to learn more about The Express Yourself Actions.  The contest ends at midnight on October 16th so don’t wait to enter.  Good Luck!



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85 thoughts on “The Express Yourself Actions – GIVEAWAY

  1. I have recently started up my phoography business in a new town. The competition here is fierce, and it would be nice to have something to have the new look everyone will want. I believe these actions will bring my photos to that level. Soooo hope to win!!!!

  2. I would love to win because the photography is so magical. I have been sick for a long time and would love something magical to look at during the times I feel like I’m in a coma but awake. Photography so beautiful that it looks like a dream is inspiring- reminding us that dreams can come true and we can see life as beautiful no matter what our circumstances are.

  3. I would absolutely LOVE to win this new set! I use Black Hearts White for most of my B&W conversions! Thank you for the chance!!

  4. Oh c’mon, you see that after picture? that’s why I stood adore winning these! 😉 thank you for helping me find yet another fabulous person to buy actions from! 🙂

  5. What! Who is not a fan of the red sunlight bleed in photos? I’ve been trying to recreate this look since forever, but with no success. And high-5 for this great competition, I hope there will be more like these in the future. Thanks Mozi Magazine and Alex Beadon

  6. I am an aspiring photographer and am struggling to get my own style and would love to win the editing software as my editing is really lacking. I love this look and would love to win and incorporate it in my style!!!

  7. I am trying to start a budding business with my photography and I am always looking for fresh, creative ways to stand out from the bunch and with these actions, I feel as though I could do just that!! These actions are so modern, creative and fresh that I could see myself using them ALL THE TIME and would be proud to publish the photos they were used on.

  8. I just upgraded to CS6 and would love to kick it up a notch with these beautiful actions!! Absolutely love the versatility and how creative you can get with these actions!

  9. Hi! I like these presets a lot, they look so fresh and sexy! I think they would look great on my portraits. Thanks for the chance to have them!

  10. I’ve been af an of Alex for years ever since I discovered her on pinterest:) I have a couple of her single actions she sold a while ago and would LOVE to win this!!

  11. Im new photographer and starting a business inst easy in small town. Im trying to be unique to bring clients to me. Love your actions would be definitely great addiction to my work 🙂 would love to win it <3

  12. I am building my business and always evolving as a photographer. Having creative tools helps transform a vision into reality, and an action set helps!

  13. I am getting ready to launch my photography biz and this would give me a jump start on actions. I love the way they can take a good photo and turn it into a great one.

  14. Currently a junior in high school I built a portfolio of my photography throughout the years. These actions can help grow my business and make it a lot easier. I feel these actions will be fresh and modern but appeal to everyone when it comes to my photos.

  15. Wow..I just went and looked through the whole collection and it’s amazing! In love with the ‘Creative’ action..well, with all of them really. Alex, your photography is amazing as well!

  16. I am HUGE FAN of Alex Beadon. She doesn’t just have fabulous products (I’ve been fortunate enough to try some of her freebies), but her willingness to share and educate tops it all. I would LOVE to own a full set of her Actions, it would take my photos to the next level…for sure!

  17. I just started my photography business and have been throwing around the idea of using actions but not quite sure if it was for me. I love the look of your actions and this would be the perfect opportunity for me to try them out and may lead me in the direction of purchasing more!

  18. Such Wonderful Creative Actions that would be such a help in my Photography Business, Thank you for a chance.

  19. eye catching, that is how I want my pictures to become and that is why I would love to use this “The Express Yourself Actions” 🙂

  20. It is nice to be able to stand out from the crowd with your photography and let us be honest it is getting increasingly difficult as there are so many fine photographers out there. I personally need all the help I can get and these actions are just so wonderful, adding impact and dreamy effects, giving your photography an edge. I just LOVE them and would love to have the opportunity of trying out all of them. Keep up the good work!!!!

  21. I am just trying to set up my own photography business in Hamilton, NZ and want to set myself apart from the rest of the crowd before I even start to promote my business. These actions would allow me to build up my brand and get myself a cut above everyone else.

    Winning these actions would mean a lot to me as currently being at university means that I don’t have a lot of money to save up and buy these actions and these actions would ultimately help get me towards my dream of owning my own successful photography business.


  22. I would LOVE to win the Express Yourself collection because I desperately want to run “Glad” on all of my pictures from a recent shoot I did on a sunlight trail in the woods. It would look amazing!! The Express Yourself collection looks perfect for all types of pictures, but I can’t wait to use it on those sun drenched ones 🙂

  23. I would love to win this action set because they look fun and fresh!

    MY name on facebook is Savannah Kreger

  24. I wasn’t aware of Alex Beadon’s actions before this..and I love this look! Thank you Mozi Magazine for sharing these 🙂

  25. I’d LOVE to win these action’s because it would help me with all the confidence and inspiration i’d need in order to feel 100% every time i go out to do a photoshoot.

  26. Great flair addition to senior/portrait shots.!
    Would love to add these to my post processing routine!
    Great work!!

  27. I’d love to add some love to my photos with this photoshop actions collection! I’m about to open my photography business as I move to the US next month and with this actions set I sense huge success!

  28. I have been following Alex Beadon for a while now! I love her actions and work. I have a few of her free actions and they help spice up my photos so easily! I would LOVE to win The Express Yourself Actions from Alex Beadon because I think it would make my photos that much more special.

  29. I would love to win this beautiful collection of actions. Why? They are simply beautiful making any image stand out, giving that extra magical touch but most of all, they would speed up my workload tremendously. 🙂 What better could I ask for? Thank you for this amazing opportunity! What a great giveaway 🙂

  30. Amy Weir ~ i’d love to win these … they are beautiful and very different than other new ones i’ve seen recently 🙂

  31. I’m ramping up my work from hobby to hopefully more and these great actions would be such a gift!

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