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Hi! I’m Rachel, wife, mom of 3, photographer. I’m a lover of light, hoop earrings, red wine, sushi and honesty.



Top 5 Reasons to Capture the Everyday

1) Small Moments
Birthdays, holidays, family parties…they’re all important to capture, but often times it’s the days and small moments in between that are really special. The way your toddler pokes his fingers through his beloved blanket or squeals as he runs his hands under the faucet during a bath. The way your daughter drags her favorite doll around by one arm or sleeps with her legs sticking out of the crib railings. In my opinion, it’s the small moments, the everyday moments, that makeup the story of their childhood.

2) The Details
Capturing the everyday allows you to uncover the details hidden within the story. The way the light comes through the blinds during bedtime stories, how his hair sticks straight up in the morning, or the wet curl on her neck after a bath. There’s beauty in the details and I can guarantee it’s what you and your child will want to remember.

3) Documenting Your Life
As much as we try keep up with our children’s’ baby books (or scrapbooks, does anyone even make them anymore?) it often seems impossible to update them regularly, especially if you have more than one child. Photographing the day-to-day makes it easier to document your life, your children’s growth and capture even the smallest of milestones. If you blog, pairing your images with captions or stories can also help with this process. Eventually you can pick and choose which images you want to print and display or even turn into books.

4) Keepin’ it Real
Yes, even the ugly mint green bathroom tile. Some of my favorite photographs from my childhood are filled with details of my home, my clothing, and my favorite toys. While looking at those photos, I am immediately transported back to that time and place. I love that while capturing the everyday (although it can often be messy and imperfect) you are creating a visual time capsule for you and your family.

5) It’s Easy!
While it’s just not possible to have your big, fancy camera with you at all times (although it is a good idea to have it charged and ready to go when you are home) capturing the everyday is now easier than ever before. Smart phones (which most of carry with us all the time) take incredible photos now, making it super easy to photograph the day-to-day moments. Some of my favorite photos were taken with my phone and I love going back through my camera roll to relive the moments I’ve captured.






The artist: Rachel McCalley
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