How do you create images that capture the atmosphere or show the beauty of something that you perceived at a particular time and place? To express mood and create an emotional response it’s essential to understand the relationship between light, colour and composition. The Evocative Image explores these key concepts, plus the tools to you need to evoke atmosphere in your images. There are examples and creative exercises throughout to inspire and help you understand the concepts. You can put these ideas into practice no matter which gear you own.

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A Photographer’s Guide to Capturing Mood

The Evocative Image by Andrew Gibson is an inspiring introduction to the processes and techniques specific to making photographs that express what we feel. With great examples, creative exercises, and insightful comments, Gibson offers up his unique perspective on how he injects mood and atmosphere into his photographs.

Where our hope for a photograph is to communicate more than just information, but to create impact and an emotional response, an understanding of some of the tools to create mood is essential. This eBook discusses interpretation, golden hour, blue hour, low light, wide apertures, long lenses, and other technical considerations that have an aesthetic effect on the mood of the photograph.

By taking our creative input into consideration we’ll be better prepared to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary; we’ll be “making” photographs instead of simply “taking” photos.



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