BEYOND THIRDS by Andrew Gibson


BEYOND THIRDS by Andrew Gibson


Beyond Thirds by Andrew Gibson is all about moving beyond the rule-of-thirds, and getting to grips with the more advanced aspects of composition. I explore concepts like balance; some images work best when they are balanced, and other, more dynamic compositions, when they are unbalanced. And energy: images gain energy as the eye moves from one point to another, and you can use this by creating compositions with several focal points that pull the eye around the photo. Have you thought about aspect ratio, and how it affects composition? Or how learning to compose in black and white can improve the composition of your colour images too? You’ll find all that, and much more, in Beyond Thirds.

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This captivating and inspiring eBook is about taking composition past the so-called rules. It’s a thoughtful, practical book about the way we build our photographs within the constraint of the frame.

Andrew S. Gibson moves past the traditional discussion of thirds by showing how a more holistic approach can turn a conventional rule into a powerful tool. The eBook explores important subjects like the creative use of balance and focal points, insights into how to shape a subject, and using aspect ratio to establish an ideal foundation for making photographs, and so much more!

The diagrams and creative exercises will provide you with the ideas and insights you need to compose more engaging photographs.


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