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Imagine…your clients images. On their walls. At the right size. On your iPad! 


Preveal is giving away their iPad APP to one lucky Mozi reader!  You can enter by filling out the entry box at the bottom of this blog post, OR by going to the Mozi Facebook Page, and clicking on the “giveaway” button at the top of the page. You have up to three chances to enter and the contest ends on March 17th at 3 pm (EST).


Revolutionize the Way You Sell Wall Art with Preveal
As wedding and portrait photographers, my wife Adrienne and I are constantly on the hunt for tools that will help us work smarter, faster and, most importantly, more profitably.  After searching far and wide for a way to sell wall art without spending thousands of dollars on sample products or expensive software that had more features than we needed (or knew what to do with), we decided it was time to build something ourselves.  We approached the task with one simple question in mind, “How can we make it as simple as possible for a photographer to sell wall art?”.  From that one question was born Preveal, an iPad app that makes it incredibly simple, fast and intuitive to sell large wall pieces to your clients.  Here’s what it looks like to create a collection of images on a client’s wall, at the right size, in less than a minute with Preveal:
Quick, Profitable Portrait Sales with Preveal from Preveal on Vimeo. When we boil it down to its core functionality, we believe Preveal is helping photographers triple or quadruple their average sale for three main reasons:
Show it Big. Sell it Big. Do it Fast.
With just a standard size piece of paper taped to the wall, you can calibrate Preveal to show your clients’ images on their walls, at the right size.  And since we cut out all of the fluff, you can do it incredibly quickly.  I’m at the point now where I can create a four or five image collection on a client’s wall in under one minute.  I can’t stress enough how powerful it is to be able to show a client exactly what their wall art will look like on their own walls, before they ever even place their order.  This is a tremendous advantage over even having samples of various sizes, as they’re seeing their own images in their own space, at a size that makes sense for the wall.  And to be able to do this in a matter of minutes?  It really is game-changing.
Your Hand Held Sales Room.
Armed with just an iPad and a copy of Preveal, even the newest of photographers are telling us they’re averaging thousands of dollars in portrait sales while meeting in coffee shops and client’s homes.  You can say goodbye to the overhead associated with an expensive projection sales room and the plethora of samples and start selling large wall art wherever you happen to be.  Even established photographers (read: platform speakers at WPPI and ImagingUSA) are getting in on the game, either connecting their iPads to their existing projection equipment or flatscreen TVs, or ditching their expensive projection equipment altogether for the portability and ease of using Preveal to sell their wall art on the go.
Welcome to the Community.
Preveal was born from a desire to see photographers sell more wall art so that they can run profitable, sustainable businesses.  We’re photographers ourselves, and we genuinely love the industry we’re in.  While we’d love for you to go buy our app, we really want to see you succeed in business as a photographer.  For that reason, we’re building more than just an app; we’re pulling together a community of photographers who are dedicated to helping each other succeed.  The next version of the app (due out this spring, and yes, it’ll be a free update) will bring not only the ability to create your own templates on the fly, but will also allow you to share those created templates with the entire Preveal community by uploading your created templates to the cloud.  Anyone running this newest version of Preveal will be able to browse, download and customize any template that any other Preveal user has created and shared within the community.  This will, literally, bring unlimited templates to Preveal.  And it’ll be a free feature.  And while we know that Preveal alone will help you increase your sales, we also know that it’s just a small piece of the photo sales puzzle.  That’s why we’re now getting together each month through a live-streamed Google+ Hangout to discuss the other tools, structures and processes photographers can implement in order to build profitable, sustainable photography businesses.  Visit our Google+ page or our Facebook page for more info about these free monthly sales discussions.
I hope this sounds less like one giant ad for Preveal and, instead, helps to explain why we built what we built and how we believe it’s helping photographers change the way they’re selling wall art.  I’d love for you to check out the app and read what others are saying about it.  If you happen to like what you’ve seen and heard about, why don’t you go grab a copy of Preveal from the App Store, start incorporating it into your sales process and see how it revolutionizes the way you’re selling wall art.  When you’re done, swing by the facebook page and say hello.  Better yet, come say hello in person at WPPI next month, Preveal will have a booth at the Launch Pad event on March 10 and I’ll be hanging out with our friends from ProDPI at their booth during the main WPPI Expo.  I’d genuinely love to meet you.
About Chris & Adrienne Scott
Preveal was founded by Chris & Adrienne Scott, a husband and wife photography team who have a heart for helping fellow photographers run profitable, sustainable businesses. They live in Nashville, TN with their daughter, Madison, and a Boston Terrier named Wilson.

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