Our friends over at Newborn Posing are feeling the Mozi LOVE and are giving away FOUR separate products to FOUR lucky Mozi readers!! The prizes are: Flow Posing Video, Ebook, 1 year forum membership, or a set of posing pillows. The total giveaway is valued at $250!

You can enter by filling out the entry box at the bottom of this blog post, OR by going to the Mozi Facebook Page, and clicking on the “giveaway” button at the top of the page. You have up to three chances to enter and the contest ends on March 3rd at 3 pm (EST).

Along with the giveaway, they are sharing their tips on mastering one pose and getting the most out of it…


When you first start photographing newborns, it’s tempting to try and master every newborn pose you have ever seen.   Take a step back and focus on mastering one pose at a time.  This will take a little more time but once you have mastered one pose each pose builds upon the first and soon you will master them all.

Let’s take a look at the pose below.  It’s simple to obtain and you can capture different looks from this one pose to obtain different “looks.”  First, let’s learn how to capture this pose, shall we?


Prior to placing the baby on your fabric, preposition her in your hands and then lay her belly down.  For this position, your hand should be under her head and hand and the other should be under her bottom.  After you lay her on the fabric, do not immediately remove your hands from her.  Allow her to settle in this position until she is relaxed.  Once she is relaxed, slowly remove your hand from her bottom half while keeping your other hand in place under her head.  She will move so allow her to relax and get comfortable while you hold her in that position.  To remove your hand from under her face, lift her head up with your free hand.  As you pull your hand out from under her head, gently pull her hand forward and a little in front of her face so that you can see a portion of her hand.  Having her hand forward and a little in front of her face will also lift her face up toward the ceiling so that her face is square with your camera.

Once you have her in position, step back and look at the pose.  Is her face square to the camera…check!  Are her knees touching her elbow or less than an inch away…check!  Now we can take our first exposure.

Tip: if you are using a strobe instead of natural light, take a test shot to see how she reacts to the flash.  Sometimes a flash can cause newborns to flail and safety is important when handling little ones. I place my hand near her midsection to react quickly if she moves when the flash goes off.  

For each pose, I photograph the newborn nude and then add elements to give the client a variety of images.  With a little camera tilt to the left, here’s the first image….


Next, I add a hat and tilted my camera to the left….


Tip: When tilting your camera, always tilt (or rotate) your camera in the direction of the newborn’s face to make the newborn look as if she is propped up.

Then I removed the hat, added a wrap and tilted my camera to the left to get this next image….


Lastly, I changed my angle completely and captured this image from overhead for the last image of this one pose….


Once you have captured a series of frames from one pose, move on to the next pose and repeat the process.  It’s just that simple!

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***Contest ends March 3rd***

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  1. I am SOOOO hoping I win this! I was JUST looking for newborn posers this morning because I’m trying to get ready for my newborn who is due in 3 months. I crochet photo props and want to take photos of my stuff using my newborn. I wanted to start getting a setup. This is PERFECT and I sooooooooo hope I luck out and get it! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  2. I LOVE this article, so useful for a beginner photographer – the details are what I’m looking for !!! Would be great to win too…

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