Parikha Mehta Photography – Lifestyle Photographer

I’m a fine art & lifestyle photographer serving Chester County and the greater Philadelphia metro area.

My passion for portrait photography was sparked by the birth of my first son. In the depths of my new-parent sleep-deprived fog, I realized the weeks and months were blurring together in my mind, and I needed to freeze his sweet, ever-changing face in images if I ever hoped to piece these memories back together later on. My style is based on capturing real, honest images of you as you are today, whether you’re a couple expecting your first child, or seasoned parents looking to capture a child’s birthday. I won’t ask you all wear the same outfit, put on forced smiles, and say “cheese”. I will ask you to look like yourselves, and to be yourselves.

In addition to being a photographer, I am a wife, mommy of two amazing boys, and an engineer. Photography is something I do because I truly love it, and I genuinely want to help you tell your own story through images.

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