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A few months ago, my eldest daughter turned 18. Being a serious amateur photographer, I wanted to make her 18th birthday memorable by creating special images which she would cherish for a lifetime and maybe share with her future family.

She wanted to do the shoot in Napa during the beautiful month of March and April when the mustard flowers are in bloom. The yellow flowers served as a beautiful backdrop just adding to the breathtaking gorgeousness of the vineyards.

I wanted to incorporate different lighting techniques to add variety to the types of images we wanted to create. I used a single Alien Bees B1600 with a socked beauty dish to light the shots taken at Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga. The strobe was strong enough to overpower the sun and allow me to manipulate the ambient light.

Towards the end of the day, there’s almost nothing more gorgeous than the golden hour at Napa. I used a single speedlight just to add a little fill light because we were shooting against the sun. I always use my speedlights with a shoot thru umbrella to create soft even light.

In the end, my daughter was thrilled with her images and as her Dad, there’s nothing more you can ask but to make your child happy. I hope you guys enjoyed the images.












The artist: Mitchell Tancio
The biz: Black Rock Photography
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  1. A gifted photographer with an eye of an eagle, that’s Mitch!! Other than dentistry, this other passion of his makes him a unique individual to look out for. His humbleness and simplicity are one those of the awesome qualities that his family are to be proud of. Congratulations and looking forward to a more brighter future in the field of photography Doc.

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