Lauren Conroy – Featured Photographer

About Lauren:
I am a photographer living in Carlsbad, CA. I started out in design, creating and building window displays and interior spaces for retailers. My journey as a photographer really started then. Picking up a camera came as naturally to me as creating a window display – artistic expressions balancing light and composition.

On lighting this shoot:
– I always make sure to give myself enough time to explore. We all love shooting during the golden hour, but with seniors some of my favorite most “artful” shots happen when the sun is a bit higher. During this time I explore shadows and play with composition. I always go scout the location first to see if there are any trees or shaded spots to use. For Natalie, I had her sit in the shaded spot on the cliffs to block her from the direct sun. I loved the way the series of her on top and inside the cliffs turned out.

– I adore beach shoots and love how the sand served as a natural reflector. I was able to have her back to the sun and create all the beautiful highlights in her hair, but still have her face well lit.

– Seniors are typically so easy to direct. Shooting her parallel to the shoreline created that awesome glow on the side of her facing the sun. Once she was in position I just worked with her, tweaking slightly to create gorgeously lit angles on her face.

– At the end of the session I took advantage of the soft light and I shot wide open. Then I was sure to capture those gorgeous dreamy light filled portraits we all love.








The artist: Lauren Conroy
The biz: Lauren Conroy Photography
The location: Carlsbad, California
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