Keeping Organized | Luxury Photographer’s Planner by Colorvale®


Do you need a little help with organization?

Imagine a book that allows you to see your hopes & dreams come true.

You must take a peek at the beautifully bound Photographer’s Planner by Colorvale®.

This isn’t something you print & put together yourself – it’s ready for you the minute you open your Priority shipped box. Your only challenge will be deciding what pens to use. 

This book will capture the things you are doing, what you want to be doing and give you the comfort of knowing it is all laid out in front of you.  Colorvale® has developed a planner that encompasses your entire business from the day-to-day tasks, marketing, scheduling, client workflow and beyond.  You will start your journey off by tracking some personal information & your favorite resources.  Next, you will move to monthly planning.  You can start any month or any day since we have created it to be customizable.  You are going to write down goals, seeking the highest limits you wish to reach.  At the end of the month you will write down what the actual #’s are  and this will give you a variance that will allow you to see your growth. Each month also contains a client workflow that,again is left for you to create the most effective process for your business.  Next you will have Weekly Planning.  This is a side by side view of the entire 7 days.  Here you will track your sessions & times, what you need to cull & edit, marketing & events that are taking place, correspondences you need to have and blogs you have to write & post.  Your month isn’t done yet though.  You will move onto the tracking.  A very thorough worksheet was developed to help you see the important steps to blogging, social media, personal growth ideas, networking & marketing, planning giveaways & office duties.  Finally your month finishes off with sales tracking.  This is where you will jot down your clients, the deposit collected, final payment & product order amount.  You will also collect data on expenses such as monthly fees, supplies & equipment, marketing fees and other necessary expenses.  As you can see, this brilliant planner has all the needs to keep you running & reaching for success.

Do you have your notes & business tracking info all over the place?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything all in ONE BOOK? Or maybe you need to start business tracking so you are confident in the efforts you’re putting forth?

It’s like the little black dress of day planners – customizable & reliable. Having a planner you can touch and see will provide the necessary tools to stay on top of daily tasks, plans & priorities.  This book comes printed and bound with a touch of class.  Each page is designed with a photographer’s workflow in mind.  Best yet, is that it is very customizable.  Create your own client workflow, choose when you start using because each month is blank and track what’s important to your business.    Take charge this new year!

I received my planner in the mail today and I was so shocked by how PERFECT it was!! I was not expecting it to be so big and filled with such detail and organization. It was totally beyond my expectations. She really put a lot of thought into creating an all-inclusive planner. I feel being a very well organized photographer is in the works for 2014.” Nicole

Stay organized by tracking monthly events, client & business workflow chart, sales, expenses, daily activity, blogging, giveaways, ordering, editing, sales, taxes and more!  Using the tab system to quickly move around to each month.  This book was designed with quality in mind.  Extra was put in to ensure a strong but flexible cover, bound for a professional yet sturdy feel, and 60# paper crisp white paper inside.  You will love this book!

Colorvale Photographer's Planner

Book Size:  approx. 9 x 11 inches

Language:  English

Bound Version

Monthly Tabs:  Strong full page tab between each month for easy flipping

Inside Paper Weight:  60# White

Book Thickness:  Approx. 1 inch deep

Total Pages:  297 pages, including 12 tabs

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