Jewel Kade

Jewel Kade started with humble beginnings in Alpine, Utah when designer Janet Kinkade took a few jewelry classes to create of photo charm of her five kids.  Her jewelry making hobby became a creative outlet as photos and her artwork made its way into beautiful hand-crafted charms.  Jewel Kade designs inspiring, timeless pieces that empower self-expression.  The jewelry that we wear tells a story, and we can tell an amazing story with a photo of a loved one worn close to our heart.  Your photos are copied onto archival artist canvas, which makes them heirloom quality that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Jewel Kade can also take your photos to your walls with our Poetry Custom Canvases.  Your photos and your words are “Handmade by us – Hand Designed By You”.  Our canvas is purchased raw from Italy, processed and painted either charcoal or cream, and then your photo(s) and words are added to make a unique, one of a kind, work of art.

Whether it be wedding, graduation, new baby, sports or generation photos, Jewel Kade would love to help you create charms and canvases, using your own unique photographs, to take your business to a whole new level.

  It’s as simple as uploading a photo and literally takes a few minutes to create something beautiful…and I am available to help you every step of the way!

Please contact me and/or visit the JK Studio on my website – photography and Jewel Kade make a wonderful marriage!

Mary Jane Calhoun

Jewel Kade Stylist #1422


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