Jessica Orlowicz – Featured Photographer

About Jessica:

I’m Jessica, a natural light photographer living on Cape Cod with my husband and four daughters. I shoot with Canon, almost exclusively with my 50mm 1.4 lens, and I’m obsessed with catching real laughs, because they make the best smiles.



3 rules for styling a family session:

  1. Keep it simple. Even with a Moroccan picnic like this, we styled it with plenty of color, fabrics, foods, and trinkets, and then took about half of it away so that the focus was on the beautiful family.
  2. Make everyone a little more comfortable than when they arrived. People tend to dress semi-formally and very put together for sessions, of course. I like to have them take off their shoes, cuff up pants, stick their hands in their pockets once in awhile. The more it looks like we’re just hanging out and you happen to look fantastic, the better our photos will be.
  3. Don’t be afraid to match your environment. This pop of red at the beach is dramatic and sexy, but blending in can be just as dramatic. Recently I did a maternity session where the Mom’s dark blue dress matched the dark blue stormy sky, and the set has a chic, monochromatic look that I really love.







The artist: Jessica Orlowicz
The biz: Jessica Rachel O Photography
The location: Cape Cod
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  1. Jessica does a fantastic job with the camera. She captures the reality of each photo. Great work.

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