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We are wandering. Not the lost kind of wandering, but the good we-really-don’t-have-anywhere-to-be-so-lets-just-take-it-slow kind of wandering. It is liberating. We intentionally decided to change our way of living. We wanted to be closer as a family. As parents, we wanted our children to know they can absolutely depend on us for anything. We wanted time to spend on the things that mattered most, not just the things that were merely good. When you take away your house, your school, the yard work, home improvement projects, constant cleaning, and all the rest of the “stuff” what are you left with? Just you. And your family. And that’s the way we like it.

Okay, okay. So we didn’t get rid of EVERYTHING. That would be ridiculous. But we did down-size. Dramatically. We purchased a 2008 Airstream International 27 foot trailer and a truck to pull it with. 188 square feet of awesomeness. It is a little piece of heaven on Earth. We can go anywhere and everywhere and we have and will. Our country has so much to offer from science museums, to National Parks, State Parks, cultural centers, and friends and family that we haven’t seen in years.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is, “How do you afford to do that? Are you guys independently wealthy?” The answer, unfortunately, is no. We work hard like everyone else – we just have jobs that are flexible. Sam is a self-employed computer programmer. He has amazing clients that don’t care where he is physically located as long as he can get things done. We have a little WiFi hotspot he uses to stay connected and he’ll work wherever the kids and I are not, or we’ll drop him off at a local library for some peace and quiet. A good set of noise-canceling ear phones goes a long way.

I am a Lifestyle Family & Wedding Photographer. I am booking family sessions (and weddings if the timing works out) across the country as we travel. I am grateful for amazing clients that make my job easy, fun, and exciting! It is so fun to meet families in their home cities and learn what makes them unique. As a bonus, we often get great local recommendations for places to eat and things to see. Total win-win.

The other question we get most often is, “Is it worth it?” Our answer: Every. Single. Moment.

Claytor Lake State Park, Virginia

swimming at Claytor Lake State Park Virginia

Fort McHenry, Maryland
soldiers at Fort McHenry Maryland

Rifle Falls State Park, Colorado
Rifle Falls State Park Colorado

Delaware Sea Shore State Park
playground at Delaware Sea Shore State Park

pajama and movie night in the Airstream

National Zoo Fish Tank
National Zoo fish tank

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
Lincoln Memorial and Washington Memorial in Washington DC

Claytor Lake State Park, Virginia
kids running on the beach at Claytor Lake State Park Virginia

Prince William National Forest, Virginia
hiking in Prince William National Forest Virginia

Gateway Arch, St Louis
Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri

Breakfasting in the Airstream
eating breakfast in the Airstream

Churchill Down and Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville

Churchill Downs and Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville

The artist: Jess Curren
The biz: Picture Me Mine Photography
The location: Wandering
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And, we couldn’t just end this post without adding in a few of Jess’ session photos…

Lifestyle family photographer 04

Lifestyle family photographer 03

Lifestyle Family Photographer 01

Family in a cornfield with a blanket in Marshalltown Iowa

engagement photos paint fight

engagement photos paint fight at a lake

bride and groom at the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

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