Jen Maunder – Featured Photographer

About Jen:
I am a mum who has been working as a photographer within my own business for 7 years. I have become known for my processing and creation of images that are a unique representation of the client. I am also invested in teaching newer photographers the ins and outs of the industry.

Girl with duck lips

Girl with books

A bit of advice on achieving dreamy, moody images:
The key to a good image is connection and feeling. You need to immediately feel something when you see and image. Intrigued. Love. Anger. Its all good in an image. I try to connect with all my subjects on a personal level. Toddlers for example, I love working with toddlers. I spend at least 20 minutes talking to the child at their level. Crouched down and giving them eye contact. I find toddlers really responded to knowing how a camera works and being given grown up tasks. They are at such a curious age and they respond really well to being treated like a “big kid”. There is no point in trying to create an emotional and dreamy image if you don’t have this connection with your subject. It takes practice but once executed well, you will take your images from snap shots to emotive portraits and make a ton of tiny human friends along the way.

Kids in summer

Girl with pram

Girl with chicken

Girl in VW

Girl in fur

Boy yell

Boy with his cow

Boy jumping

The artist: Jen Maunder
The biz: JMD Arts
The location: Toowoomba, Queensland
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