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About Jen:
I am natural light portrait and lifestyle photographer based in the Greater Boston area, specializing in couples, families, newborns, seniors…….and my “everyday”. I am drawn to the light in shadows that color both the world outside and the space within the walls of our homes. I yearn to capture honest, emotive and timeless images that will allow us to freeze the precious moments of today so that they can be aged and savored over time. This is my journey. This is my life. One photo at a time.





About this shoot:
These two amazing girls embody all that is beautiful about having sisters. They are each other’s best friends, biggest cheerleaders, constant companions, sounding boards, shoulders to cry on, and comedic counterparts. I have known these two most of their lives and I adore everything about them….both as unique individuals and as the amazing team they are together. The strength of their love and support for each other is a model that we can all aspire to achieve with those who we cherish most.

The shoot was done in a wide open field in covered in long grasses that had been matted down by an early snow. We begin shooting right at the beginning of the Golden Hour and continued shooting until the last of the light dipped below the horizon. We couldn’t have asked for a better day for this shoot – warm and sunny almost never happens in a New England January…..It was exactly the weather I dreamed of to capture the true essence of these beautiful young women.






The artist: Jen Bilodeau
The biz: Jen Bilodeau Photography
The location: Massachusetts
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3 thoughts on “Jen Bilodeau – Featured Photographer

  1. This is so lovely, and a tribute to three of my favorite young women. The photography captures everything that is sweet and wholesome and precious in sisters… and your words express it as perfectly as the pictures. I am so proud of all three of you! Love Noanie

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