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Meet Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman…aka…Jellybean Pictures. We see her all over the internet these days! This super talented photographer is brilliant in her lifestyle way of capturing children and we are so happy to have her as one of our featured photographers.

About Jennifer…

Based in NY, I’m a documentary/lifestyle photographer. No matter if I’m shooting in a huge home or a tiny Manhattan apartment, I find the light and the shadows to capture an image that is organic and truly speaks to the essence of childhood. I live for the real moments, the ‘in-between’ that are sometimes overlooked or taken for granted.

All of Jennifer’s Favorites…

Favorite lens: 35mm 1.4- it lives on my D3s and is imperative for shooting indoors.

Favorite age to photograph: 2-4 years old. I love a good chase.



Favorite trick for toddlers: I channel my inner ‘muppet’ and make silly sounds and voices.

Favorite trick for older children: Busting out a current hot song by a teen act and purposely singing it horribly.

Favorite trick for grumpy dads: I tell him to get close to his wife the way he used before the kids came in and rocked their world. It always gets a smile.



Favorite tip for shooting lifestyle: Let it unfold. Don’t force ‘lifestyle.’ And by all means try and not stage it. Just let the ‘life’ part happen.

Favorite photography advice: Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are your own unique self, so own it.



Favorite photographer inspiration: I love the ‘raw’ of photojournalism and the grit of street photography.

Favorite type of location to shoot: In home, always. You can’t get more real or personal with a client then if you are invited into their personal ‘space.’



Favorite image ever and why: Backstory: I take many images of my 5 year old daughter, but picking a fave of those is straight up impossible. This image however, still moves me no matter how many times I see it. My best friend and I travelled to London to celebrate our 40th Birthday, a promise we made to each other many moons ago during our last London trip. I had one photography goal on that trip: street photography. We passed by this little boutique, and the moment just presented itself on a silver platter. I adored the placement and actions of the two little girls in the shot. One as she checked herself out in the mirror, the other with her super cool shades and pursed lips. That was street magic and I was blessed to capture it.


The artist: Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman
The biz: Jellybean Pictures
The location: Westchester, NY
See more of Jennifer:


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  1. Love the way Jennifer photographs life. These are all so wonderful but the last shot and the one of the little girl at the easel are so captivating.

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