I have LOVE/LOVE Relationship with Albums Now – Fundy Software Tutorial

If you are like me, you have a LOVE/HATE relationship with album design.  You LOVE them because you can make some great money.  You HATE them because, ugh, they take so much time.  Well, you are about to give me the biggest virtual KISS as I show you how EASY album design can be!  I was recently introduced to the amazing FUNDY DESIGNER software and my life has changed forever!  Fundy Software has perfected the task of making albums fast and easy.

First, you choose the lab that you will be printing your album so your dimensions are all precise.


Secondly you select what image/images you want on your spread.


Drag the images to the spread.


BAM!  Just like that you have created a layout.


Click on this button to see the more layout options.


You have several layout options for each page.


Open your layout up in Designer View to make any changes on size and orientation.


After you have created the number of layouts you desire, export the album and upload to your lab.  Just like that.  So simple.  I created an album in a third of the time it usually takes me.  The software is so user friendly and easy to use.  To get a trial of Fundy Software go here.  Get your trial now and watch for their sale coming in 2 weeks!

Tutorial by Brittni Schroeder

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