Hilary Camilleri – Featured Photographer

You know her as One For The Wall Photography. We know her as a funny, sweet, and very talented photographer. We are so excited to have Hilary as a Mozi featured photographer!

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Favorite lens:
85 1.4

Favorite age to photograph:
I love ages 3 to 5 and more recently teens. But with all sincerity, I love photographing people of all ages. Each stage of life comes with it’s own interesting qualities.

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Favorite trick for toddlers:
My trick? A series of tongue noises and verbiage that makes up something that cannot be found in the English language.

Favorite trick for older children:
For me, the key to photographing older children is understanding their personalities; not all children are big smilers. By learning to read children quickly, you will keep them comfortable and natural knowing you won’t have them doing anything they wouldn’t normally do. Older children respect that.

Favorite trick for children who won’t cooperate:
Reverse psychology…and a bag of lollipops.

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Favorite tip for shooting closeup portraits:
When it’s time for me to do close-up portraits of children/teens or adults, I tend to get quiet. Close-up portraits have a more intimate feel so I isolate myself from the commotion of the rest of the shoot. Taking a softer tone with my subject tends to relax them. Therefore allowing me to capture the more serious and pensive type of look – which I love.

Favorite photography advice:
Never stop learning and pushing your skills.

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Favorite photographer inspiration:
Above all else in photography, my sole inspiration for my work is my clients and the relationships they have with each other. They are who keep me busy, fulfilled and grounded in my business. They fuel my passion for photography. There certainly are photographers that have influenced my journey. I am greatly inspired by Cliff Mautner and Deb Schwedhelm. Not only are both of these photographers skilled in their technique and vision but are genuine, kind and supportive human beings. I am fortunate to have had them a part of my journey.

Favorite type of location to shoot:
I love the outdoors! Long grasses…wild flowers…wind-in-the-hair kind of places.

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Favorite image ever and why:
How fair is this question?! I have mulled through so many sessions and images in my mind. I have strong emotional ties to each photo I have taken as it represents a person at a time in their lives; happy or sad. Time that I was honoured to have spent with them. I would like to share this one photo. There is always a story behind each picture taken. Every family has their reasons for having photos taken and I am privileged to know these stories. This is a client of mine. A client now friend. We did our first family session together two years ago. The news came that Mom had thyroid cancer. Then a message days before surgery that she wanted a session for just she and her daughter before she began her journey. I call this photo, “Holding On”. There is so much depth to this image on so many levels. I look back on this emotional day and know that it is just that. Back. In the past. Mom has recovered. She has returned to teaching and inspiring young children. She and her family inspire me. And I thank them deeply for honouring this experience in their lives and allowing me to share the story behind their picture. xo


The artist: Hilary Camilleri
The biz: One for the Wall Photography
The location: Waterloo, Ontario
See more of Hilary:

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  1. This is a really inspiring and fantastic article! These images are so full of life and have a depth to them that brings you right into the moment. There’s more than just portraiture here. Hilary has a strong grasp on the importance of the connection between photog and subject. It’s very evident here. It makes me happy to see her featured! She deserves it!

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