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We know her as Hilary…you may know her as One for the Wall Photography. As we wrap up high school seniors, and move toward the child and family issue, we just had to share this gorgeous image by Hilary. Enjoy!

About Hilary:
Hilary Gauld Camilleri, owner of One for the Wall Photography and Another Doors Opens, is an award-winning family and children’s photographer working in the vibrant community of Waterloo, Ontario. She continues to build a diverse family, commercial and corporate portfolio while volunteering her time and talent to numerous local organizations and co-chairing a women’s business networking group.

About this shoot:
As my children grow older and evolve so does what I like to photograph. For the last year and a half I have devoted more of my time to photographing teens. Through my work with a local youth singing group called KW Glee and speaking in local highschools about photography and entrepreneurship I find myself drawn to this stage of life. The dreams in their hearts, the faces untouched by time and the feeling of a life about to begin a journey…

Ms Em is an incredibly talented singer and actor. Her Mom had contacted me to do a session at a horse farm where her horse is boarded. Em has been riding since she was a young girl. The ease she had with her horse and the connection they shared was palpable. I do wish that I had a pull back shot for these as there were about 10 cats and 5 other horses roaming around us; sniffing through my bag and wanting desperately to be in the photos (well the cat managed a debut). Thanks to Em’s Mom and Dad they kept the circus occupied which allowed me to stop looking over my shoulder every two minutes!
I cherish my time with these young souls and know how important these photos will be someday.















The artist: Hilary Camilleri
The biz: One for the Wall Photography
The location: Waterloo, Ontario
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4 thoughts on “Hilary Camilleri – Featured Photographer

  1. This is a stunning series of images! Beautiful connection, emotion and colour. Way to go, Hil! Xo

  2. – Is that your 24-70 lens in these shots? I think these posts are great for people to rezilae all the effort that goes on behind the scenes to get the great shots! Nice work. (BYW, I love how fun you are with nail polish!)March 4, 2011 9:11 am

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