Fundy Blog Collage

I am a HUGE fan of things that save me time, and lets be honest, TIME IS MONEY. I hate to be dramatic, but well, I am dramatic, so I can honestly say that Fundy has changed my life. My album and blog building time has been cut in HALF.  I used to dread blogging because it sucked up so much time.  Fundy has made blogging so simple and quick.

You begin by uploading your images and then selecting the Blog Collage option in Fundy Designer.


Drag the images to the center and Fundy creates a collage for you.  You can add as many images as you want.


If you don’t like the default collage, you click on the “layouts” option and it gives you several different options for collages.


Fundy also gives the option of several different border styles for your collage.


Upload your watermark and save your favorite border style and it automatically puts them on all your collages.


Put the proper dimensions of your blog in the export section, export your collages and BAM!  You just blogged a session and you barely started sipping your Diet Coke!


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