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About Five Photography:

We are the Five Photography! Five because the first letters of our names are (Fi)lipe and (Ve)ra. Nice coincidence, isn’t it? We are a couple which biology and photography brought us together! Besides the passion for photography and the one that unites us, we also share the passion for animals, nature, old cameras, other antiques, fairs, crafts, vinyl records, books, food, organic gardens … We live in the beautiful, mysterious, foggy town of Sintra, which is a constant source of inspiration! We seek for shooting intimate moments, the passion for life and the love in its truest and most sincere way. Our style is a mixture of documentary photography and fine-art photography. We use a relaxed and fun approach, seeking natural photos without forced poses, trying to achieve an organic and natural image, trying to use wherever possible the beauty of natural light. The analog photography for its grain, texture and color is also a way to obtain this organic and natural image.

The importance and symbolism of a bouquet:

The symbolism of a bouquet is part of the wedding day and there is no bride without a bouquet. Tradition that began in Greece, with the belief that the bouquet repelled the evil eye. The bouquet was made with flowers picked up in their way to church, especially garlic and herbs. It was expected that garlic repulse the evil spirits and the herbs guarantee a fruitful union. The tradition evolved and nowadays we can see bouquets of many forms and colours. The choice is important, but generally, there is no concern about the symbolism or meaning of the chosen flowers. Brides, simply make their choice based in a particular taste for certain flowers, the season or the venue of the wedding.

In this bouquet with green and white tones, the aim is to inspire future brides. Is also interesting to question the language of the chosen flowers and understand the symbolism reflected here. We can highlight the Ivy, associated with mythology, this plant represents the idea of ​​immortality, meaning loyalty and imperishable affection. The presence of tulips, associated with several legends and mythologies. In Norse mythology was given as a Valentine protection. In some places of the Low Countries in the eighteenth century, replaced dowry brides, which begun to be evaluated by the amount of tulip bulbs. The Cacti, increasingly common in the wedding decoration, are a symbol of perseverance. Finally the white Rose, the most widespread flower in Western cultures. Undisputed queen of flowers, which fundamentally represent the love.










Direction, styling and photography: Five Photography
Film Lab: Carmencita film lab-
Jewelry: Ana Pina jewelry-
Flowers: Odete Florista -
Model: Cláudia Valente

The artists: Filipe and Vera
The biz: Five Photography
The location: Portugal
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