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About Stefany:
My name is Stefany Alviar, I am originally from Québec, but now live in Vancouver, Canada. I was planning to stay in Vancouver for 4 months to improve my English, but I met someone amazing here and got married last year. So I guess I’ll be staying here! It is during those last 5 years, that I went to Digital Photography school and started my photography buisness.

Although the place is amazing to photograph, my real passion is kids photography. I love how random, unique and funny their are. It really is a new experience every time I go out to a photoshoot with children or a family. I never know what to expect, and I love it!



Stefany’s tips on styling a session:

Having fun should be your main goal! It saves time and energy if your concept is either placed in a magical setting, or if you make up a storyline ahead of time to get them excited. Its crucial that the first goal of the shoot be fun.

#2. EDIT
Give yourself some parameters and stick to it! Whether it be a colour scheme, wardrobe or budget, keep it simple. Use their outfit to tell a story and make accessories fun and easy to play with. You can experiment with different colours or try using supplies you have around the house.

Try listening to what your children have to say and take their ideas seriously. You will be amazed by what you discover. Utilizing your kids creativity and asking for their input makes them feel important. Their spontaneity and playfulness could lead you down a surprising path! Plus, knowing they are heard will encourage them to listen and co-operate.

Hold unto your vision, but be flexible in your approach. Keep In mind that kids are kids and your job is to bring out the best in them. If shooting outside, be prepared for any situation. Bring lots of snacks and try ending the shoot with a treat. If the child is doing the opposite of what you had in mind, take a break to play with them and come back to it later. Creativity is an experience, not the result of the perfect situation.

Invite a few friends who share in your creativity to join you on your next shoot. Having a stylist or make up artist can enhance your vision and provide new opportunities for a richer experience. Choose someone’s style and work that you enjoy and you’ll be sure to start off on the right foot. Plus you’ll get an chance to spend time with your friends doing what you love!

Styled and written by Melody Rhind and Abigail Nelson







The artist: Stefany Alviar
The biz: Alviar Photography
The location: Vancouver, Canada
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