Fashion Police

A couple of years ago I was contacted by a couple local photographers to meet up for lunch and do a little shop talk.  The photography convo started right up and before long one of the photographers stopped me and said I have to ask you something.  She asked how did I attract all these clients that dressed so well?  I gave a little chuckle and wished it was that easy.  I told her my deep dark secret of attracting well dressed clients…I dress them!

I had always been fascinated with fashion and loved to keep up with all the new looks.  When I first started photographing clients I had envisioned these super edgy, stylish photo shoots. I knew what my style was and I wanted my photography to reflect that.  My hopes and visions were soon deflated when I had a client show up in bootie shorts and a wife beater.  Arggh!  No matter how amazing the images were I couldn’t help but focus on the unflattering clothing choice of my client.  The control freak in me decided then and there that I wasn’t going to chance my business and brand on unflattering clothing choices of my clients.  I needed to take it upon myself to educate and instruct my clients that what they feel like they look good in doesn’t always photograph the best.

Once my clients book a session with me I immediately send them a welcome packet e-mail.  In this e-mail is a link to my What To Wear Guide.  My guide is 15 pages of what to wear, where to shop, how to make your skin look great, etc.  Along with the welcome packet I offer a FREE fashion consultation.  The fashion consultation is not required buy strongly recommended.  In all my years of doing photography I have NEVER had anyone not request a fashion consultation.  My clients tell me the most stressful part of getting pictures taken is what to wear.  Clients like to be told what to do and if they like your photography enough to hire you then they trust that you will dress them to look amazing in images.

I typically meet with my clients 2-3 weeks before their session.  I take my iPad and pull up my Pinterest board titled Fashion.  We look through several outfits and I explain to my clients how texture, layers and bright bold colors photograph well.  I educate them on looks that flatter their particular body type the most.  We then head to their rooms and together we put together 3-5 different looks.  Sometimes I suggest they find a belt, jacket or bold accessory to complete the outfit.  I give them several options but ultimately let them decide what they feel the most beautiful and comfortable in.  On the day of the shoot we have already built a relationship and my clients trust me and feel comfortable with me.  They look fabulous and are wearing clothes that not only flatter their body type but photograph well.  It’s a win-win situation and makes for an amazing experience for everyone.






The artist: Brittni Schroeder
The biz: Brittni Schroeder Photography
The location: El Paso, Texas
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