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Why food photography? Since I was a little girl, food has been a big part of my family. I remember watching my great- grandmother in the kitchen for hours preparing dinner. She would say, “I’m cooking in my love” as she would make sure that all of the ingredients were blended together with such care and perfection. Even at 4 years old, I knew that she was creating art and showing us how much she cared. It’s the aroma that still, at times circles around the house when the empanadas are in the oven, that makes me remember her the most.

Keeping it natural and organic is the philosophy to my food photography style. I try to portray the same feeling and senses that my great-grandmother used in her delicious Chilean recipes. Shooting in natural light with minimal distraction to the object I’m photographing is extremely important to me. I hope through my passion, I can inspire others to create their own memories as well.

beets Collage

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A few tips for shooting food photography in natural lighting:

To begin, you want to create the softest lighting possible. If you took the most beautiful looking food and put it into direct sunlight, it would look awful! But why, because the highlights are so bright and the shadows are so dark and every single glisten of food picks up a highlight. In order to get that perfect natural light, you have to create the quietest lighting environment possible for that food. Now, how do you create that environment?

1. Try to find the softest light in your space. Usually the north facing light is the best because it doesn’t have direct sunlight. You want the type of light that is never too harsh. Soft light is the most important thing for creating the perfect natural photo.
2. Regulate the light with either diffusion or reflection. Diffuse strong light or reflect light back into the picture.
3. Use any dark surface to create shadows and dramatize the food. Sometimes I use regular cardboard and paint it black or even use foil to create a reflection.
4. Most importantly, experiment with the the reflector or black surface. Experimenting is the best way to find your style, but have fun while doing it!!


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The artist: Dani Allen
The Biz: Dani Allen Photography
The Location: Denville, New Jersey
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17 thoughts on “Dani Allen – Featured Photographer

  1. I’m SOOO proud of you sis!!! keep the great job you are doing! Your passion and caring shows in all the pictures! Love you!

    • These are amazing photos! Love the natural lighting, and the way you use focus to feature the subject. Great work!

  2. I love these! Your photographs are so artistic while enhancing the beauty of the food. Beautiful!

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  4. I love that you are able to capture the rich color of the fruit in your photographs. Your use of lighting makes me want some strawberries and lemons right now!

  5. I’m very proud of you …when you doing think with passion
    and love nothing can be wrong. Always look forward, it is a very good article.
    Love you.

  6. I am so jealous of your food skills, I wish I could make something so simple look that gorgeous.

  7. Well-articulated!! It was a gentle way of expressing your love and passion for food photography. Best wishes for brilliant opportunities.

  8. It was a promising way of expressing your love and passion for food photography. Best wishes to you for exceptional opportunities.

  9. Excellent work! The technical ,clarity of the photos translate the desire of wanting to try these delicious dishes.
    Show Devotion, Love and the Detail

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