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Welcome to Christine, the artist behind these unique and beautiful self portraits in Yosemite. Yes, SELF PORTRAITS. We can’t even get one decent selfie, so we have some serious respect for this girl who brought herself, color, light, and location together and turned them into a fine art session.



About these images:
These images were captured within Yosemite National Park when on a stay at the lodge with family. This journey and adventure was an excellent inspiration for myself, and it was a reminder of the coast of Oregon where I have found great beauty and heart as well. Upon arrival to the guest lodge within the park there was immediate entrancement by the haunting beauty of vaulted ceilings, tall windows, and drifting, warmed air. I spent the evening wandering through halls and rummaging through old drawers and cabinets, searching through old wedding photographer’s books and gazing out windows for ghosts. It was this type of wonderment that I brought out to the forest the next morning; awaking to early morning earl grey and fog at the mountains, I ventured out surrounded by the cloak of red my mother had bought me the previous year.

I spent hours among fields, observing dear, and photographing my experience and my interaction with the forest dwelling. Through this method of experimentation almost, I sought to reach to deeper roots than a simple image of beauty or grandeur. Rather, I wanted to bring to light the meshing of one’s soul with it’s surroundings and the way the spirit does not stay stationary within the body, but instead ebbs all about it and is touched by that around it. It was a type of research into the idea of how the environment someone sees around themselves is a projection that they have cast onto the world, and thus a way to study the inner workings of the mind.

For the entire day I went about in this manner, a type of unplanned performance, and further and further I felt what it was like to have a forest seep beneath one’s skin. Although it might seem redundant to keep the red cloak on throughout the photographs, I felt it was important for this to be a session that occurred in one day only and for the red skin that I wore to be a type of representation of that and the vibrancy of the land. For it to occur in one session, it was to record precisely the emotions and subconscious state in one moment, as opposed to mixing in the different atmospheres of a new day. It was ultimately a beautiful stay in Yosemite, and I hid a few stones in my pockets as things to be tangible representations from the experience.












The artist: Christine Beatty
The biz: Christine Beatty Photography
The location: Arizona
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