Christin Szczesniak – Featured Photographer

About Christin:
I am a poetry loving photographer, who loves to capture movement and emotion in the photos I take. I love looking at a photo and being moved, much as when reading something beautiful, or seeing something lovely in nature.

Tips on adding motion to your images:
The first thing I would recommend, when looking to add movement to your photography, is to watch for the in-between moments during your photo shoot. I often find the best, most honest and whimsical shots are the ones captured in between the more strictly posed shots. Waiting to capture your subject when their face is the most relaxed and natural is key. I hardly ever ask a person to smile for a photo. I get a fair amount of smiling shots, but I only really like the ones that are real, and these are generally happening in between asking questions, when they are just enjoying the day, or when the model is adjusting their bangs or a little piece of hair or clothing that has been mussed up a bit.

The second thing I suggest, when looking to add motion, is to go crazy with the model’s hair, if possible! I tend to be kind of a crazy hair person, and usually end up flinging bits of it around, or having the subject shake their head around for a shot. Sometimes it’s the shot of them actually moving their head around that I love. But often, it’s just them, relaxing and having a good time in the process that ends up being my favorite shot. Having your model hold their own hair up and let it fall, or something of the sort, can land you a nicely posed shot with great motion.

The last thing I do a lot of, and would recommend, is paying careful attention to your model’s hands and fingers. You can have the most comfortable, amazing pose, and it can just be ruined by stiff hands. Hands say a lot about a person and photo. Often just having your subject loosen up, and spread apart their fingers a bit can really add to the fluid feel of a photo. It might not always feel natural to a person to adjust their hands in different ways, but I do believe it is worth it, and makes a big difference in the final photo.







The artist: Christin Szczesniak
The biz: Cloudy Day Photography
The location: Medford, Oregon
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  1. Some lovely images here – I think finding that ‘naturalness’ is key. Question, though: how do you apply your ideas to subjects that do not have long hair (males or females)?

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