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Why Social News are Important in Chatwing Chat Room


The Chatwing widget took the online chat arena by storm. It’s a free chat app that can be quoted as ‘highly similar’ to other chatroom tools out there. Looks can be deceiving though. The Chatwing app is an effective communication tool that can boost your exposure by a high percentage. Recently, Chatwing has integrated social news in its regimen. But, in a macro-scale, how can social news contribute to your communication experience?



The answer lies on the ‘spark’ of those news. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Facebook has millions of subscribers worldwide, and every subscriber has relative interests. Throw a piece of information in Facebook and it’ll expand to various groups and communities. This is why social news can be riveting. A simple update in Facebook can irk thousands of people.


This is a good exposure material for your blog. Coupled with blog entries and Chatwing integration, we’re talking about 40-60% spike in web traffic.


But you won’t get to that rate without exerting effort. If you already have a Chatwing website chatroom, you need to monitor it frequently. Visitors won’t know if you’re chatbox is actually about social news or what. You have to push the initiative. Research about the current social news and put the links in the chatroom. Links are okay, but there are better ways.


Why not put images instead? Images convey emotions, and this will make your visitors curious. Out of the images, discussions can begin. These discussions can make your chat box viable and informational. Sooner or later, more visitors will spend time hanging out in your simple room. Now, you can turn these visitors into long-term friends and clients.


Using it on themes about photography is the perfect application for it. They can interact and communicate amongst each other about photography, can post images directly into the chat. Chatwing also is a great way for people to post information and news about the latest cameras, price comparisons and so on.


There is also a Chatwing android app that people can use to open the rooms directly on their mobile phones and receive notifications when a new chatter joins, which makes for a great way to stay connected regardless of place and time.


The tool is also very flexible and can be modified to fit the preferences of its users with ease. If you want to expose your products or services more, then you can use your own image and use it as your chatroom background. You can use the Announcement function to further the effect. All of the chatroom’s modifications can be done in your Dashboard Section.


And sharing the chatroom to everyone is practically child’s play. The chatroom is already socially integrated via its login methods. Add to that, you can easily share your chatroom and invite everyone by simply sharing its link to them. You can even change the link so that it’ll be much easier to memorize by others.


Here’s how you can do it.



To sum it up, social news contribute to the betterment of your blog. Chatwing, on the other hand, helps you disseminate these to your visitors. It’s a simple but wonderful collaboration.

Chatwing is a free service, anyone can register here and instantly start customizing and designing their room:
The Chatwing Facebook page is and our website link is





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  1. I just don’t understand why photographers are putting so much flare in their pictures outdoors. Flare is something I have fought against for 30 years when shooting outdoors, that is what lens shades were created for along with multicoated lenses. It seems to be the latest fad and for the life of me why would any client want this seemingly mistake on all of their outdoor photos. Is this something that new photographers can’t control, or just think it is too cool! I think it degrades photographs and appears to be something a beginning photographer can’t control! My rant, I’m sick of seeing this in all the new “Artist’s” photos.

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