Jamie Schultz Designs Feature – FREE DOWNLOAD

With a little bit of everything, something for everyone…the 2013 Holiday Card Collection by Jamie Schultz Designs ensures your clients can send out their holiday greetings in a style perfectly suited for them.  This year, each card collection includes a FREE set of coordinating skinny address labels.


To get your free action download from Jamie Schultz Designs go to OUR facebook page and click on the “free stuff” button.

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***Download from Jamie Schultz Designs available for a limited time***

Worth More Photography Pricing

Worth More. – A special Mozi discount on a new e-book for photographers


Angela Pointon is offering Mozi Magazine fans a special discount on her new e-book, Worth More: A simple way to create the photography brand, pricing and packages that command the money you deserve.


Inside this e-book, Angela Pointon strives to help photographers eliminate the head trash around pricing that is all-too-often imbedded in our brains. In it, she writes that a shift in perspective and a little hard work is all that photographers need in order to command more money for their photography. She approaches photography pricing by focusing on the value photography brings to clients, rather than the cost and hours approach.


She utilizes her marketing savvy to help photographers figure out who their ideal customers are. The reader determines what matters to their customers most, and works through a simple 12-step exercise showing each reader how to enhance the customer experience and increase the value of their photography as a result.


“Worth More.” is an e-book that comes with:

12 simple steps guiding you to identify your ideal customer, uncover what they want to experience from you, and instructions on how to have some fun brainstorming to create an amazing experience.

12+ examples of how I created an amazing experience for my own photography customers using this same simple approach.

1 FREE work sheet to help you capture notes as you brainstorm.

Insanely simple advice on how to structure your photography packages and calculate your pricing.

Motivational inspiration to help you eliminate the “worthlessness” head trash so many of us have in our brains!


$99 (special price of $79 for Mozi Magazine fans through 6/23)


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WHCC Feature – Giveaway

Who’s your lab?  The lab we use and LOVE is WHCC!  They are your one stop photo lab with excellent service and products.  They have beautiful products that will make every bride giddy with excitement!

WHCC is giving away a free 10-spread Album with your choice of size, paper type, cover options, etc.  Total value $70-$170.  To enter swing by our facebook page and click on “giveaway” button to enter.


***Giveaway ends June 2nd***

Fundy Software Feature – Giveaway

Fundy is giving you a 30-day trial!  Go to www.fundysoftware.com and try the suite of products with your workflow.


New Album Builder v5 with Auto Album

Fundy Software INC has just released their brand new v5 suite with a whole lot of new tools and gadgets. By far the most fun is the new Album Builder v5 with the auto album feature. You might say I’m lying, but I can do a 30-page wedding album in 15 minutes from start to finish. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The entire suite of programs has been updated to be more automated, give you more control and make your images look better than ever.

Album Builder v5 New Features

The newest fun feature in Album Builder v5 is the Auto Album function. Simply by organizing your images with easy-to-use page markers, you can click Auto Album and have Album Builder v5 design an entire album for you in minutes. “I designed three albums before breakfast and they were all approved, as is, by the clients,” says John Prutch, Washington-based wedding photographer.

But Album Builder v5 doesn’t stop there, with completely reconfigured design modules, you can choose the auto route or have full control over your albums.
The new Quick Design tab allows photographers to create detailed manual designs. You can create complex designs in minutes by building rows, columns, grids or a combination.

Blog Collage v3 New Features

Blog Collage is the fastest way to design elegant collages for your blog or online media, such as Facebook and Pinterest. Simply select your images, make two clicks and design your collage.

New in Blog Collage v3 is the ability to add looks to your collages. With 10 pre-built looks, adding those final polishing touches along with your logo to your collage is as easy as one click.

Image Brander v3 New Features

Image Brander will protect your images and promote your brand on the web. It’s as easy as selecting your images, choosing your look, checking your output size and hitting run. Says northern California photographer Ben Chrisman of Chrisman Studios, “We don’t let an image bound for the Internet out of our studio without putting our logo on it using Image Brander. It’s become our most used Photoshop tool.”

Also with 10 pre-built styles for your look, with Image Brander v3 you have many options for that quick branding before images get posted to the web. Or create an infinite number of custom looks by adjusting your logo size, color bar, text and frame. Plus, you can save out those unlimited favorite looks with the click of a button.

Batch Editor v2 New Features

Batch Editor is the fastest way to edit in Photoshop, with a bonus of professional, natural skin softening, 30+ actions and filters included.

With Batch Editor v2, all of your actions preload, you can create custom one-click mixes, and it works along with your third-party plug-ins. Create your own workspaces and mixes so Photoshop works the way you need it to work and make those professional edits in moments.

More About Fundy Software

The company was founded in 2008 by Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg and in a very short period of time, it has become known as a leader in software solutions for the professional wedding and portrait photographer, winning two back-to-back HotOne awards for Album Builder from Professional Photographer magazine. As a former wedding photographer, Fundy saw the need for quick, easy and fun album design software and started the company to educate and create solutions for photographers.

Give the free, 30-day trial a go at www.fundysoftware.com and try the suite of products with your workflow.

Lovely Days Creative Feature – FREE DOWNLOAD

Lovely Days Creative has fine templates, resources & lovelies for all photographers.

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Fotolanthropy – The camera strap that gives back!

Fotolanthropy is giving one lucky Mozi reader a Monogrammed Classic Strap, the color of your choice (excludes the Travis and James). This is a $93 value.  Fotolanthropy is giving ALL Mozi readers 15% off by using code mozi+fotostrap13 from May 1st-7th.  Learn more about Fotolanthropy and then head back to our Facebook page and click on the “giveaway” button to enter to win.

Fotostrap is the camera strap that gives back!  With every purchase, Fotostrap donates 10% of each sale to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit that gives portrait sessions and short films to inspiring families who have overcome adversity.  This vintage inspired camera strap is manufactured in the USA and made with 100% genuine leather, durable hardware, and paired environmentally friendly canvas duck fabric.  The camera strap is adjustable in length and is super comfortable because of the ergonomic shoulder pad. The fashionable strap comes in 13 colors and one of our favorite parts about it is that you can monogram the shoulder pad with your name or even business logo!

Not only will you look fashionable by wearing a Fotostrap but you will be supporting a movement of artists uniting together to give the gift of memories to inspiring people across the country. Here are a few of the inspiring stories Fotostrap has helped to fund for Fotolanthropy!

Check out this heart warming story from Fotolanthropy:
For More information check out Fotolanthropy!


Sticky Albums Feature – GIVEAWAY

Our good friends over at Sticky Albums are giving 3 Mozi Readers $100 gift certificates.  Along with the giveaway they are giving all Mozi Readers $55 off by using code STUCK.

You can enter by filling out the entry box at the bottom of this blog post. You have up to three chances to enter and the contest ends on April 22nd at 3 pm (EST).

Word-of-mouth referrals are our most valuable currency as pro-photographers.  Smart Phones and Tablets are the fastest growing consumer products we’ve ever seen, and they’re changing how we live and how we do business.  StickyAlbums gives you a way to leverage this mobile revolution into wow-factor referrals. StickyAlbums also helps you target clients who can afford premium photography–people who use iPhones and iPads have already demonstrated their affinity for premium/boutique products.

Designed by pro-photographers in early 2012, StickyAlbums has already taken the photography community by storm. The idea is genius: create a custom photo album app for each of your clients so they can share your work via their mobile device. Clients access their own album—complete with your branding—via their phone or tablet. They can share the album face-to-face, or they can send the app to the devices of their friends and family.

On your end, StickyAlbums’ software makes creating the albums as quick and easy as creating a new blog post. It takes just a few minutes to produce albums that are clean, professional, and guaranteed to wow your clients.

StickyAlbums works best as an add-on premium, a part of top-level packages. Current members use StickyAlbums as the perfect pull-through incentive to get clients to invest in bigger print packages, or print albums.


    • Create digital mobile app photo albums
    • Easily update albums at any time
    • Custom “app” icon for each album
    • Embed YouTube video in albums
    • Embed Background Music
    • Keep private albums secure with passwords

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