Candice Zugich – Featured Photographer

It’s her lighting. It’s her composition. It’s the emotion. It’s the processing. We have many reasons we fell in love with her photography. Enjoy Candice 🙂

About Candice
I’m A Mother of 2 children Noah (4) and Isla (11m). married to my BFF Ryan. Living in Southern California. Oldest of 9 children. Im a fun passionate person who loves to travel with my family! I’d love more children cause i feel children bring out the most amazing parts of me. Im obsessed with Photography! Everything I do daily its involved most of the time 🙂



Candice’s Six Lighting Tips
1. Look for unexpected lighting situations. I can’t say this enough. Light is everywhere, don’t think because the sun went down you lost the light. Be a light chaser! Go where ever the light is. Look for pools of light, light leaking from windows, doorways, reflections.

2. Be creative! try different compositions. this will likely give different perspectives on how the light effects your subject.

3. Try different settings! I have tried and tried a bunch of different settings on my camera and each and everyone gives me a different outcome with the light. Underexposing can give some serious rim lighting! and overexposing buy a tad take away unwanted shadowing.

4. Take when you have a moment walk around your home or else where and take in where light shines the most. try and find something interesting about the light right in that area. Ask yourself “why am I drawn to this spot?” “what is unique about the light here?” The search and questions will help you identify different lighting, from low lighting to backlighting, and all in between.

5. Examine magazines, books and others work for inspiration. What are you drawn to when it comes to light in those photos situations? Try and Mimic these photos for inspiration.

6. Shoot daily with light in mind. for me shooting with light in mind daily makes me better. it makes me learn everything I want to know about light. DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL. Because when you fail you learn.







The artist: Candice Zugich
The biz: Blissful Maven Photography
The location: Upland, California
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