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Favorite lens: My all-time favorite lens is my 85mm 1.4 … it was my first pro lens that I ever bought and the best money I ever spent was investing in “good glass.” I always remind other photographers starting out — the lens TAKES the photo, the camera records it. So invest in the best lens that you can!



Favorite pose for senior girls: I have a pose that rocks for any woman of any shape and size! I have them squat down with their arms crossed over their bent legs, gently tilt their head and look up at me. I am pretty far above them on a stool shooting down at an almost-wide-open aperture so their face is front-and-center and super sharp, and the rest of their body and the background becomes part of the bokeh. I love how it makes their face POP off of the image!


Favorite pose for senior guys: In my experience guys want to look kinda “tough” … I love a nice side-angle shot with guys. I start with them leaning against a wall or fence. I pop their thumbs into their pockets and have them kick a leg up on the fence, then I photograph them on a side angle with their head turned over in my direction. I love the leading lines that are created by the fence or wall and the pose is mature and masculine!

Favorite posing trick: The biggest trick with my posing is a chin move I call “out and down”. I always have people slightly extend their chins and pull it slightly down. This creates a really defined jaw line which I think suits men and women super photogenically!




Favorite type of location to shoot: I am the color queen – so my perfect location would be in a setting where I had several different colors and textures to make up an interesting background. Downtown or more urban spots are great for this. A lot of times I can find cool exposed brick, maybe next to a chain link fence and some green ivy, and a funky old door with the paint chipping off. I love the dimension in photos like that!

Favorite tip for shooting lifestyle shots: Lifestyle photography is all about being CANDID. I try to ‘coach’ shots along, but not in a super posed way. For example, if I was shooting a Mom, Dad and daughter, I would encourage them to each take their daughter’s hand and swing her back and forth looking down at her. Then I capture everything that comes after – the smiles, the laughing, and the little girl’s hair bouncing as she swings back and forth!



Favorite photography advice: So many people are blinded by the “sexiness” of actions and presets, but as I have mentored several beginning photographers, I often find they never learned how to master the art of actually taking a well-exposed and perfect straight-out-of-the-camera image. As tempting as the editing process can be, I always urge photographers to first master “getting it right in camera” THEN move on to editing – at that point, their images will be picture-perfect and editing will be a breeze because they will only be ENHANCING the photo, not fixing things that should have been corrected in-camera.

Favorite photographer inspiration: I think Laura Winslow is my photography crush because I just die over her use of color and fun and amazing props!!!


Favorite image ever and why: This image below I point to as the one that changed the trajectory of my photography career. Up until this photo, I was struggling with who I was and where I fit into to this industry. I knew I loved photography, but had been searching for my style and what really made me click (pun intended!). A 3-month soul-searching and style-search led me to to envision this particular model, in those clothes, with that sucker and in that environment. I dreamed it up, shot it, and fell in love. At that point on I felt the color come alive in me and knew that colorful, candid, and fun photography was what I wanted to make happen for myself AND my clients. After this photo, I essentially reshot my entire portfolio with the sole purpose of showcasing my new style and the rest is history!!! At that press of the shutter – I knew EXACTLY who I was as an artist.


The artist: Brittney Kluse
The biz: Brittney Kluse Photography
The location: Richland, Washington
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  1. Fun, creative, outgoing, hard working, your daughter’s personal champion of beauty – that is Brittney Kluse! Both of my daughters loved their time with Brittney; each having a unique and “made for their personality” photo shoot! Brittney took time it get to know my girls and was able to capture their personalities in beautiful keepsakes that will last a lifetime!

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