Anna Vinn – Featured Photographer

About Anna:

I am a photographer and designer in the Chicagoland area. I focus on fine art in my work, mood, and highlighting the beauty of character in people. This is my Maternity collection in which I focus on the elegance and beauty of a woman during pregnancy.

The Miracle of Life:

In my maternity work, my aim is to capture the sensuality and beauty of a woman during a pregnancy. From the curves of the body, how light falls on it, to the details of where a hand rests and a toe points, is where the image comes together capturing the aesthetic of the moment.

During my first pregnancy I found myself going through a range of emotions. From fear to sadness, to excitement, love. There are new changes in the body, mind, and emotions… it’s a roller-coaster! AS hard as it was, at one point I found myself falling in love with the pregnancy process…it became sort of the romantic period, when I spent time falling in love, bonding with my developing baby. That energy of love, falling in love, is what I try to capture for women in my photos. There is plenty of time spent on being uncomfortable, bloated, pained, sleepless (before and after birth)… it’s a tough road women travel and one that is emotionally complicated as well. The moments I try to capture are how I would like to remember even the toughest times. This period of our lives, being pregnant goes by so fast, and the memory of it is what we make it to be. I try to capture the sensual love, the intimacy between a mother and her growing baby, the beauty of the body that houses this miraculous event, the tender romance of falling in love with this new being, a new life. This is the essence of beauty in a mother and how I want her to remember her pregnancy and how her kids , later in life, remember their mom.

The artist: Anna Vinn
The biz: Aesthetik
The location: Illinois
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